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5 Items That Will Make Running a Little Bit Easier

I know running can be really difficult, especially if you haven’t gone on a run in a long time. Many see it as a dreadful activity and prefer any other type of workout. However, once you start running and get into a routine it can actually be quite fun (or at least make you feel proud of yourself afterwards). Running doesn’t require much equipment, but these items we have found might make running a little bit easier and maybe even more fun!

Running Armband
A running armband is an essential if you like to bring your phone with you when you’re running. This seemingly simple item will take away the struggle of having to hold your phone in your hand while running. This particular armband can fit many differently sized phones and has a headphone hole as well as a key storage and a pocket for credit cards and money. It’s sweat resistant, has an adjustable strap and supports touch screens. Get it for only £9.99!


“I bought this for my first 5k run!! Realised I had nothing to carry my phone in and not a chance I was running without my music so panic bought this 2 days before. It arrived the day before my run and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It was secure and comfortable during my run,, I was able to access my phone easily via the touch screen. I now use for every run and gym session,, extremely happy with this!!”

says Rebecca

Fitness Tracker
Fitness trackers are not only useful for tracking your runs but can be worn all day to track everything from steps to sleep status. A fitness tracker can be particularly helpful if you don’t want to bring your phone with you on your run. This one has a running mode and can track distance, heart rate, active minutes and calories. It’s also waterproof and the battery lasts up to 15 days without charging! This one is very affordable too, available for £23.99.


“I have found this fitness tracker to be an invaluable tool in my fitness regime which includes weight training, walking and punch bag workouts. This is truly excellent with regards to heart rate, walking, workout settings are perfect for me and I have found myself pushing a little harder re each discipline. The watch band is very comfortable and the battery life is outstanding. The various types of routine setting cover everything that I require. An excellent fitness tracker at an faboulous price, I am so very glad I made this purchase.”

says George

Running Belt
Once you start getting into a routine and perhaps running even longer distances, you might want to upgrade your armband to a running belt. Although it’s pretty similar to the armband, the belt can hold more things such as fuel and water. This one can hold a 500 ml water bottle and is therefore perfect for both running, hiking or cycling. It has an adjustable and breathable belt and now sells for only £13.99.


“This is great, I can fit in my normal size bottle (500ml), my iPhone 7 and 3 gel packs. I’m really happy I can get all that in and room for my keys. This is just what I wanted”

says Ellen

Running Shoes
Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to running is a good pair of running shoes. Your shoes can completely change your run, and if they’re not well made they can lead to injuries. If there’s one thing worth spending a little bit more money on, it’s a good pair of running shoes. These Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 are great for running and will last a long time, plus they’re designed to give you an extra push! Prices start at £77.26.


“I bought these shoes for daily running, they arrived in perfect conditions and earlier than expected. They are very light and comfortable, it feels like flying. I have a skinny foot and normally have a 37 EU size here I bought the 38.5 and they fit perfectly. Really happy”

says Emma

Bluetooth Headphones
I don’t know about you, but I can’t run without some good, motivating music. But I also know it can be a struggle to find a good pair that doesn’t fall out of my ears, or a pair with high quality sound. These headphones help with all those problems! They are sweat-resistant, have HD sound, bluetooth connection, ear wings that come in 4 different sizes to fit everyone and much more. I couldn’t ask for anything better. And, best of all, they only cost £32.52!


“These little headphone are great. I was pleasantly surprised about the sound quality and ease of setup – just a couple of minutes and I was up and running (literally). I bought these headphone to use when running and in the gym and they are perfect, especially considering the price. I also love the little zip pouch that came with them. Really useful, keeps them tangle free, and perfect for storing in my gym bag. All in all an excellent buy.”

says Mrs V Burman
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