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9 ways to boost your immune system

Today more than ever, we value our health and well-being. A strong immune system is important as we want our bodies to be able to defend themselves against diseases. Here are a few tips on on how to strengthen your immune system and generally feel better quickly.

1.Avoiding Stress
Too much stress whether it be physical or mental, can provoke a negative effect on your cardiovascular system and increase your susceptibility to infection. It is very important to take a break from your usual routine to relax the body and mind. What better to do that with than a little yoga? With the countless online ressources you won’t even need to leave your house.

Yoga Mat – £22.99


2. Exercise and fresh air
It is no secret that exercising and going outdoors are both good for the body. It doesn’t matter if you just want to take a stroll or if you are motivated enough for a run, your body will thank you regardless. Just make sure you are visible to the traffic around you.

Rechargeable visibility LED Armband – £13.99


3. Enjoying some sunny vitamin D
During the winter, when the sun is shinning, most people will want to go out on a walk to feel the warmth on their faces and fill up on vitamin D. However whether the sun will show its face or not is not something we can choose. So what can you do when the sun does not show its face, but you still want to feel re-energized? Maybe you can opt for Vitamin Supplements.

Vitamin Supplements – £10.97


4. Taking cold showers
Taking cold showers is something that’s becoming more and more popular. That is due to the positive effects on the immune system. However it is a hard thing to do as the temptation to run hot water is huge, especially during winter time. Perhaps a good way to stay motivated is making sure you will be rewarded the second you step out of the shower. Imagine putting on a very cosy fleece bathrobe after being under cold water!

Fleece Bathrobe – £23.99

5 – Staying warm
If you are not planning on joining the cold showers club, then staying warm is especially important. As a child we were always told to dress warmly. The cold weakens the body’s immune responses by causing the cells to move more slowly. It is important to keep your head, hands and feet warm.

Hand and feet wamers – £27.00


6. Getting good sleep
It is known that sleeping is essential to our well-being because the body’s defence works the most at night. Therefore, sleep, especially good sleep, is essential. However sleeping well isn’t a given for everyone. If you sometimes have trouble falling asleep you can try some breathing exercices or meditation. You can also try some pillow spray that will help you feel relaxed.

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – £17.58


7. Drinking Water

Although some are tired of hearing it over and over again, it is important to stay hydrated. Our mucous membranes and airways need to stay moist. As soon as they are too dry, bacteria and viruses can not be transported away and susceptibility to infection increases. This smart water bottle, tracks water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated

Smart Water Bottle – £55.46


8. Hugs

Proximity to people is also very important for our bodies. People who experience a lot of affection have been shown to be less ill and/or have less severe symptoms from colds. With the ongoing pandemic however, hugs should be limited to people from your own household. So to make up for the lack of hugs you can get a weighted blanket which are known to have many health benefits.

Super Soft Teddy Fleece Weighted Blanket – £34.7o


9. Eating healthy food

The immune system is also strengthened if you eat healthily. A balanced diet with meals that consist of fresh products such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and vegetable fats is best. If you need a little inspiration, look here.

Healthy cookbook – £10.36


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This 7-in-1 Multi cooker will make your life easier.

The last thing you want to do over the holidays is stress out about what you are going to serve for the different holiday dinners. If you want to impress your guests and family, without the hassle of feeling stuck in the kitchen for ever, this multi function Ninja Cooker is the perfect appliance for you. You can use it to air fry, roast, grill, steam and sear and if you’re planning ahead, you can also use its slow cooking option.

Get it on eBay HERE For 179.00£

“Don’t know how I lived without this before. Have used a slow cooker & air fryer for years but with all you can do with the ninja foodie, it’s so much better & healthier to use. Would definitely recommend getting one.”

says gazz1974
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The most beautiful glass Christmas ornaments that you can have!

Christmas is a magical time. A moment we wait for all year. The smell of spices, the warmth of our home, waiting for gifts, the first star in the sky and the Christmas tree … majestic, magical and shimmering with a thousand colors thanks to all the beautiful ornaments we’ve decorated it with. And not the plastic kind, but the ones made of glass that are absolutely exceptional.

Luxorna creates unique, 100% hand-made and painted decorations. They will remind you of the ones that once hung on the Christmas tree at grandma’s house. They are beautiful, unique and will bring many childhood memories back. Luxorna has been on the market for many years. We are a Polish company who likes traditions. Because we offer a variety of ornaments in different shapes, colors and forms, everyone will find some they enjoy. We are very dedicated to creating quality ornaments which can make for a beautiful gift for a loved one. 

Visit our online store:

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Gift ideas for the Women in your life

The Holidays are coming up and that means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the people we love. I’ve put together a list of items that would make great gifts for all the women in your life.

Nr. 1Manicure Kit
This 12pcs manicure set is useful for any woman who likes to take care of herself. It can be used for both hands and feet. It is available HERE for £7.99


“Excellent quality. Everything you need for facial hair care manicure and pedicure. Really compact for traveling.”

says J Gregory

Nr. 2 – Trinket Dish
This ceramic trinket dish is a cute and practical gift. Whether it’s rings or coins, we all need a place to empty our pockets into. You can get this one HERE for £7.99


“Very happy with this product. Looks good and is very functional at the same time. Thank you!”

says Amazon Customer

Nr. 3Cheese Board Set
Most women enjoy eating cheese with some wine at the end of a long day. This nice oak cheese board and its 4 knives is a lovely gift for the cheese lover in your life. Get it HERE for £22.99


“This product was bought as a gift, the delivery was very quick in fact one day early, after checking it , I was very impressed with the quality, size and weight , and will probably buy another for myself in the new year, I am confident that my son will love it.”

says storm

Nr. 4 – Handbag Light
We all know someone who takes for ever to find the keys inside their bags. A little handbag light will make that task a lot easier. Get this cute heart-shaped one HERE for £9.99


“Love it an amazing idea don’t know why I didn’t think to look for one before as I’m always rooting through my bag it lights up the whole of the inside as soon as you touch the bag it’s great”

says lou

Nr. 5 – Bath Bombs
The holiday season is also the coldest season, which means it’s the perfect time to get all cosy in a warm bath. Make your loved one’s bath extra special by gifting them this bath bomb set. Get it HERE for £8.99


“The best thing ever! I was so shocked with this product I searched amazon for days trying to find bath bombs for myself that were equally lovely in sent and appearance and price. This was amazing! Would be so lovely as a gift as it’s wrapped inside the box too perfection! Cannot fault this product at all! “

says Riley.Veronica

Nr. 6 – Face masks

These faces masks are different than the usual ones stick to your face. They are clay masks and you can choose between 5 different skin needs, or you can get a sample kit, perfect for gifting. Get it HERE for prices ranging between £4.89 and £7.12.


I love these clay masks! I bought the individual jars in every colour after being given this sample pack by a friend. Each colour helps with different skin needs so it can help your skin more specifically.

says Elizabeth Selby

Nr. 7 – Wine tumbler with lids

All wine lovers will love this one. This cute set of 2 portable wine tumblers is a really funny and useful gift for your mom or girlfriend who sometimes just needs to sip some wine on the go. It is available in 13 different colours. Get it HERE for £14.99


“Love these they were a perfect gift and a very good price for two

says Madison

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10 gift ideas for your work colleagues

Whether it is for a Secret Santa, a birthday or just for Christmas, finding a gift for a colleague can be a bit tricky. I’ve come up with a list of gift ideas that anyone would be happy to receive.

Nr. 1 – Hydration-Tracking Water bottle
This is the kind of gift that works for everybody. This innovative lid tracks how many times you drink and refill this water bottle a day. We all need to sometimes be reminded to drink a bit more water. Get it HERE for £6.99

“Bought this bottle because it look practical and easy to understand! Perfect for my desk and my car! I travel a lot and I wanted to track my water intake and found the dot system perfect for monitoring my water intake whilst working and travelling! :)”

says A.Deyes

Nr. 2- Portable Tabletop Vaccumcleaner
This is a fun gift for your colleague or even yourself. This tiny desk vaccum will pick up all the small crumbs on your desk and keyboard. Get it HERE for £6.98.

“great little item picks up all my crumbs up on my kitchen tops and my large table and i love it”

says Arty

Nr.3 – Laptop Camera Cover

Now that a lot of us are working from home we might be a bit more paranoid than usual when it comes to our laptop camera. When you’re unsure whether your camera is off or not, you can keep a peace of mind by closing this camera cover. Get it HERE for £5.99

“Nice little stick-on covers and handy feature with the red indicating that it is open. Well worth the purchase for peace of mind.”

says Holly Jones

Nr.4 – Under desk Foot Hammock

This is an item your colleagues don’t know they need, but once they’ve installed it, they won’t know how they went so long without it! Get it HERE for £13.99

“Bought this more for the joke factor as part of my home office revamp but I can honestly say that I didn’t expect it to be a useful as it is. After only a few days, I wonder how I worked for years without one! Highly recommend”

says Shane Martin

Nr. 5 – USB cup warmer
This one is pretty self explanatory. Your work friends will be able to keep their coffee warm wit this USB cup warmer pad. Get it HERE for £12.99

“This works amazing at keeping my coffee warm for hours.It’s easy to use and clean up, handy and efficient. Love this! So useful.Recommend it.”

says Joellewy

Nr. 6 – Dry Wipe Memo Elephant
This is a cute gift for the most forgetful person in the Office. You can write task notes on this ceramic elephant and wipe them off once they’re done! Get it HERE for £15.99 

“Purchased as a gift & the recipient really loves it. Great for someone who writes & loses as lot of post its! Simple, fun design. I was glad that the ‘elephants never forget’ sticker can be removed from the ear.”

says Customer

Nr. 7 – Guitar Case Lunch box
There is always that one colleague who’s second job is playing gigs at the local pubs. This Guitar case lunch box is the perfect gift for them. Get it HERE for £12.40.

“This is so cool. I only wish I could go back 40 years and take it to school with me! Still, it has impressed my work colleagues and keeps my sandwiched safe.”

says Tc

Nr.8 – Countdown to Retirement timer

If humour is the route you want to take, then this countdown to retirement timer is a great and funny present for any colleague. Get it HERE for £11.99

“I like this is an original countdown. I got it as I was looking for a fun and different gift for my father’s birthday. It has good size for him to keep it in his desk and allowed for a few laughs when he opened it. It works as expected and it is easy to set up.”

says V Family

Nr.9 – USB desk Fan

When you’re sharing an office with people who do not enjoy open windows this USB Desk Fan can come in really handy. Get it HERE for £11.99

“So happy I made this purchase, best purchase of the year! This is a reasonable size fan that works great and firs nicely on my work desk. I expected it to be tiny but it is a good size without being cluttered on my desk or too obvious. It is powerful and has really helped to keep me cool in an office that has no air conditioning. I love it!”

says Vanessa Brown

Nr.10 – Memory Foam Desk Cushion

A cushion is not something everyone would think of, yet it is something everyone could benefit from, (whether it is for posture, , pain relief or simply comfort). Get it HERE for £14.99

“I bought this Item to use on my computer chair as the cushion part had got a bit hard and did not want to replace the whole chair as the back part is still fine. It is very comfortable and make sitting at my computer for long time easier.”

says Mr R Harding

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners.
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Gift guide for the Pet lover in your life

The Holidays are coming up and that means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the people we love. We all know that person who is obsessed with their pet. They would do anything for their little fur ball and would much rather receive gifts for them than for themselves. Here are a few ideas that are sure to put a smile on all animal lovers’ faces.

Nr.1 – A Teepee bed for cats and dogs.

This little pet tent for both cats and dogs is the perfect gift. It is a really cute piece to add to a home. It is available in 9 different colours/patterns and in 3 different size HERE with prices starting at £28.99.


“The quality is lovely, that’s both the teepee and the cushion that comes with it. Considering this is almost half the price of what some other sellers are offering for pretty much the exact same product (some without a cushion included!) – This is very well made and reasonably priced. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.”

says Samantha Bramley

Nr. 2 – Matching shirt and Bandana for Pet and Owner
This matching set is a really cute and funny gift for a dog owner. Both the bandana and t-shirt are available in different sizes HERE for £17.99


Nr. 3 – Custom Pet Portrait
This gift is special because it is personalized. Get their favorite fur ball’s picture painted on a canvas. Get it HERE with prices start at £34.99


Nr. 4 – A pet cam
If your friend always feels guilty when leaving their pet at home, this is the ideal gift for them. This petcam allows them to talk to and check on their cat or dog while they’re gone or just in another room. It is available in both Black and white HERE for £21.99.


“This is the best money spent for peace of mind! We wanted to be able to see exactly what’s going on when we are not at home. The app is easy to download, and it means I can set motion alerts for when I leave the house. Using the app, I can turn off the alert when I’m home. The camera pairs easily with my smartphone with excellent high definition images. “

says Brownmummy

Nr. 5 – Pet Hair remover roller
This pet hair remover roller is a very practical gift that your friend will absolutely use. It’s reusable and easy to clean. Get it HERE for £11.99


“Omg this I love I’ve spent so much money cause of dog hair and this is brilliant does the job especially on black trousers as well as I’ve got a small jackrusel and his hair are like pine needles and this is brilliant”

says Suexan

Nr. 6 – Automatic Pet Feeder
This automatic pet feeder is an original gift that allows your pet lover friend to leave the house for a bit longer than usual should they need to. It is available in 3 different colours HERE between £24.80  and £34.99


“This is great! It works really well and my cat rushes to it every time she hears it turn to reveal the next meal. Fantastic, in my opinion. I’m so glad I bought this. I am no longer woken up at 4am every morning by my cat wanting food. YAY!”

says Amazon Customer
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10 Items to Make This Autumn Extra Cosy

Watching the bright red leaves drift by our windows, while drinking warm tea with fuzzy socks and a comfy hoody on, is exactly why Autumn is my favorite season. I’ve listed a few items that will make you feel extra cosy for the next couple of months.

Nr. 1Wearable Hooded Fleece Blanket
If you don’t own one of these already…what are you doing?! I mean come on, how much comfier can you get? This one-size-fits-all giant wearable blanket is definitely going to keep you warm while you watch your favorite halloween movie. Available in 4 different colours HERE for £16.99


“Brought this on a whim and so glad I did! It’s really warm and comfortable.”

says kayla

Nr. 2Autumn scented candles
Wether you choose the Pumpkin patch, pecan pie bites, the crisp campfire apples or one of the 5 other available scents, these candles are guaranteed to bring Autumn vibes inside your home. You can get them HERE in four different sizes with prices starting at £6.99.


“Lovely scent and cheaper than the high street. Came quickly and with yankee you know what you’re getting. Long burning and the slightly warming scent is delicious for a few hours, great for a bath or whilst pampering”

says Aishamorrell

Nr. 3 – An Electric Heating Pad
If like me, you always get cold feet (and I mean that literally), this is the perfect gadget for you. This heating pad can not only be used to warm up your feet, but can also soothe a shoulder, back or neck pain. It’s got 5 heat levels and can be washed. Get it HERE for £33.99


“An excellent product. It heats well and quickly and have five levels to set according to your comfort. Took me time buy because it was a bit pricey but I’m glad I did buy it. Very comfortable and soft case and good heating element and size is good enough to heat all your legs. Don’t think twice just buy it if you need a comfortable treat for yourself.”

says Dr K.

Nr. 4 – Fuzzy Socks
If you want warm feet without having to plug anything in, then these fuzzy socks are a great alternative. They are available in 7 colours. Get yours HERE with prices starting at £7.99 


“I bought these slipper socks for my partner over Christmas as she always complained her feet were too cold but didn’t like wearing hard slippers. They look great and do the job perfectly, she is very happy with them.”

says Tom

Nr. 5 – Bath Bombs
Autumn is the perfect weather to start taking baths again. This bath bomb set is the perfect gift to yourself. Enjoy a relaxing bath with one of the 10 available scents. Get it HERE for £12.99


“Smell gorgeous, fizz a lot in the bath, made my skin so smooth and I could still smell it on my skin for a few hours when I got out of the bath

They didn’t stain the bath either which most bath bombs I’ve used normally do Fab buy”

says Scarlett Marilyn Kirby

Nr.6 A fluffy dressing gown

This fluffy bathrobe will make getting out of the bath or shower a little easier. Its fluffiness will keep you warm and cosy while you pick out what to wear. This one is available in 7 different colours. You can get yours HERE with prices starting at £15.99


“Fantastic Customer Service and speedy delivery. The bathrobe is exactly as described and shown in picture. I washed it first as I do with all new items of clothing I buy and it has dryed very nicely, it’s really soft and fluffy and a beautiful colour. Would definitely recommend :)”

says Maryanne

Nr. 7Self Stirring mug

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer drinking coffee, tea or hot chocolate, this self stirring mug will come in handy. Make your go-to drink fancier, by gifting yourself this amazing gadget. Get it HERE for £11.99.


“This was a gift for my mums birthday. So far she’s been having a lot of coffees as she loves the whirlpool it makes. It is also lightweight and easy to carry and cool to the touch on the outside preventing burns from hot drinks. The lid is a great feature too for retaining warmth and avoiding spillages.”

says Lisa

Nr.8 – Reading Pillow

Get extra cosy in bed with this reading pillow which will keep you in a comfortable position whether you’re watching a movie or reading your favorite book. Get it HERE in one of the 9 different available colours for £18.99.


“Been looking for something like this for ages, washable as well good product.”

says Paul

Nr.9 – Comfort food cook book

Cooler weather accompanied by the holidays really makes us want to eat all the comfort food in the world. With this cook book, you’ll be able to satisfy all your cold weather cravings. Get it HERE with prices starting at £10.04.


“Highly recommend. Lots of easy to follow recipes and good selection of ingrediants. I also like the fact measurments were in both cups and grams.”

says Amazon Customer

Nr.10 – Freestanding Electric Fireplace

This one is definitely my favorite item: the one you didn’t know you needed until now. An electric fireplace is perfect when you live in an apartment with no real fireplace. It’s the perfect way to make your space feel warmer and more homey. Get it HERE for £52.99.


“We have a modern home without a fireplace at all, we just wanted a small flame effect heater that would slot into our entertainment centre to give a warm glow on miserable evenings. I was able to remove a drawer and move a shelf a little and it fitted in a treat. we were very pleased with the result. Although we only purchased it for its flame effect the fan heater is very good and almost silent. A very good buy!”


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5 Things That Will Make You Wake up Fresh in the Morning

We all know the struggle of not getting enough sleep and waking up tired and grumpy in the morning. But did you know sleep deprivation can actually affect your concentration, memory and cause irritability and anxiety? For some people, even if they go to sleep on time they can’t seem to stay asleep and keep waking up during the night anyways. If that’s an issue for you, hopefully, these 5 things can help you with those problems to make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Sleep Pillow Spray

Many sleep sprays just seem to smell nice but don’t actually help with sleep issues, but this one is different. The smell is a soothing blend of lavender, vetivert and chamomile to help you relax. In a study of people who used it, 89% fell asleep faster, 97% slept better and 98% felt more refreshed in the morning. Get this miracle spray here for £15.60. (Pictured below)

If you want something similar but in the form of a roller that you can put behind your ears or on your neck, try this aromatherapy roller for £4.19.

“Would recommend this product to anyone, anytime, anywhere. The best thing I’ve ever purchased. I sleep like a log every time I use it and wake up refreshed not like when you take other sleeping aids. The scent isn’t like an artificial lavender scent either it smells as if you had a lavender plant rubbed on your pillow.”

says Lauren L

White Noise Machine

A white noise machine will emit sounds that help you sleep, and this particular machine lets you choose from 30 different soothing sounds. It has everything from forest sounds to fans and rain. You can set a timer for when it should stop as well as change the volume. Get it here for £25.99.

“Bought it for myself for better sleep, great price and a variety of sounds to choose from! Easy to use, the machine is small and comfortable to leave close to my bed. It really works, thanks”

says Mira

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Are you also sick of waking up to a loud alarm right from your deepest sleep and being unable to get out of bed? If that’s the case, this alarm clock will be your new friend. It lights up gradually before your set alarm time and dims before set bed time, making waking up and going to bed a lot easier. Get yours here for £21.24.

“I hate waking up with the beep beep beep of an alarm and through British winters the sun will not wake me up in time for work so I invested in this perfect little bit of kit. It wakes my body up naturally and I genuinely feel the difference in energy throughout the day. Love it and could never go back to the old alarm style”

says Daniel

Satin Pillowcases
One trick to sleeping better and longer is being comfortable while you sleep, which is what these satin pillowcases will make sure. Satin can control your temperature during the night as well as protect your face from sleep lines and your hair from becoming frizzy and tangled. With these you will wake up fresh as a daisy! Get them here for only £7.64. (Available in other colors too)

“I love this pillowcase! I bought it as read that cotton ones where destroying my hair and I’m very please I did get them. They have a lovely texture and is better for my skin too. I can’t go back to cotton now so I got second pair. Good value for money.”

says Amazon Customer

Total Darkness Sleep Mask
Another common reason to why we can’t fall asleep or why we wake up early is because it’s too light in our room. If that’s an issue for you, you should try this sleep mask made from memory foam. The unique 3D design will prevent all light from entering your eyes, ensuring 100% darkness. Get it here for £9.59. (Pictured below)

And if you want to try a high-tech sleep mask, try this one that has built-in headphones and bluetooth to allow you to block out noises during the night. Find it here for £18.59.

“This is the best eye mask I have ever used. It does the job- comfortable and is completely blackout which Ive never had before in another eye mask. I highly recommend it.”

says Peter
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6 Items to Transform Your Home Into an Office

A lot of us have to work from home right now, and at times it can be difficult when you don’t have any of supplies or gadgets to help you. It can also be hard to focus and you may feel like you’re not actually working when you’re sitting on your couch in pyjamas. Hopefully though, these items can make your home feel more like an office and make working less burdensome!

Laptop Desk

If you like working from different places in your home, like the couch or your bed, then you definitely need a laptop desk. If you think you will use yours a lot, then it’s worth spending a little bit more money on it to get good quality. This one has everything you need, including a side drawer with a phone holder, a holder groove for your tablet, a book stand and an ergonomic arm rest! Get yours for £59.95.


“Brilliant, couldn’t be better. Very big and lots of space for laptop, extra keyboard and mouse. I did hesitate before getting it as I thought it might be a useless gadget but I use it all the time. Great to work on or watch films in bed. Highly recommended.”

says The-empty-bookshelf

Noise-Canceling Headphones

These headphones are perfect if you live with noisy family members or if you’re someone who simply likes when it’s completely quiet when working. They will cancel out any background noise so that you can work undisturbed. These are also bluetooth connected, have high quality sound and have up to 35 hours of battery time! The best thing is that they’re much more affordable than most noise cancelling headphones, selling now for only £39.99.


“Most comfortable headphones I’ve ever owned, sound quality is also top notch. Noise cancellation is pretty good. Sturdy build and folds nicely up for travel. Not one complaint, and for the price point, these headphones are unbelievably good. I’m super happy with this purchase. Highly recommend!!”

says I. Oh


A printer is the kind of thing you don’t realize how much you need until you find yourself at home without one. But it’s also understandable if you don’t want to spend too much on it, especially if you don’t know how long you’ll be working from home. This printer can scan, copy, and print from tablets and smartphones. It’s also wireless! Get yours now for only £49.99.


“Great little printer so far. Nice modern look, and I love the fact the paper is housed under the printer instead of out the top. Very easy to install using my iPhone and easy to set up the instant ink subscription. Very happy with it so far!”

says Georgia

Seat Cushion

A seat cushion is a must have if you don’t have a comfortable chair at home. If you sit down a lot when you work a seat cushion is a must have, and this one with a memory foam will make sure you’re comfortable sitting down even for longer periods. You can even use it on a plain or train trip! Get yours for £24.90.


“Having to work from home during Covid pandemic, using a folding chair,I needed a little extra support for my back and seat. This product is amazing! Supports in all areas and gives a little extra height at desk. Have recommended to 3 colleagues, who have now also purchased item. Best buy ever!”

says Amazon Customer

Desk Organizer
Having your desk organized can spare you the struggle of going through various drawers looking for what you need. This small holder will help you with that, as you can keep papers, books, pens, scissors and much more all in one place. It’s not only practical, but this wood design also looks really cute! Now selling for £16.99.


“Love this. Was a little bigger than I had anticipated but looks great all the same. Even enjoyed assembling it. My desk is finally a little more organised.”

says Ann-Marie

Humidifier and Air Conditioner

If you’re going to be working in a warm or dry place this summer, this product is for you. This handy tool works as an air conditioner, air humidifier and it can even reduce dust and allergens with its purification tool. It’s also small so you can bring it with you around the house depending on where you want to work. Get yours for 39.99!


This little fan air cooler unit is fantastic. Perfect for smaller spaces and does an awesome job of cooling down the air.

I’ve been using this over the last few hot nights.. full with water in the top, turn it on and the fan blows the cold water from the filter part and cools the air with moisture. It does say tap water only but I’d recommend using water from the fridge, but from the tap.

A nice water level indicator section on the side which is helpful.

says Andy
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