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The most beautiful glass Christmas ornaments that you can have!

Christmas is a magical time. A moment we wait for all year. The smell of spices, the warmth of our home, waiting for gifts, the first star in the sky and the Christmas tree … majestic, magical and shimmering with a thousand colors thanks to all the beautiful ornaments we’ve decorated it with. And not the plastic kind, but the ones made of glass that are absolutely exceptional.

Luxorna creates unique, 100% hand-made and painted decorations. They will remind you of the ones that once hung on the Christmas tree at grandma’s house. They are beautiful, unique and will bring many childhood memories back. Luxorna has been on the market for many years. We are a Polish company who likes traditions. Because we offer a variety of ornaments in different shapes, colors and forms, everyone will find some they enjoy. We are very dedicated to creating quality ornaments which can make for a beautiful gift for a loved one. 

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The 4 Best Baby “Sleep Whisperers”

I remember when I became a mom and wanted to buy only the best things for my baby. Now, as a mother of a 6-year-old girl, I can tell you about my best buy so far: a sleep whisperer. Since early on we’ve been following evening routines at home: supper at 7 p.m., bath at 7:30, reading a book at 8 and finally at about 8:30 I leave my daughter with the “whisperer”. The desired effect: Olivia falls asleep in a few minutes. My husband and I have the evenings for ourselves! Yeah! And this is what I wish for all of you. So if someone invites me for a baby shower they can be 100% sure that I will buy them a whisperer for their baby.

1 . Moonlight & Melodies Nightlight Soother

I love this one for its four lullabies and four nature sounds, since it means everyone can pick up their favorite melody. You can also turn on the projection of stars and the moon, or use it as a nursery nightlight with dimmer control. You can leave it on all night or set it to one of four modes including an auto-off timer. Get it here for £32.

You can also choose a smaller version that you can carry with you all the time for £16,59.


“We ended up buying two of these we use it so much – one for the car seat and one for the crib at night. Great for when we’re out and about, and we use it every night to help baby go to sleep. Little one loves the gentle music, and to be honest so do we. Lovely and relaxing! I only wish they would produce one with the same music and the function to turn back in if baby makes a noise. Genuinely recommend!”

says Raonaid

2. Ewan The Dream Sheep – Noise Machine and Sleep Aid Toy with Night Light


Ewan is the best gift for babies and toddlers since it’s super cute and cuddly! Ewan replicates the comfort of a mom’s womb and heartbeat with a selection of soothing sounds. You can choose from the mesmerizing sound of rainfall, harp melody music or a vacuum cleaner. Ewan really has magical soothing powers since these sounds have been proven to help ease COLIC induced pain.

Get it here for £29,99

“I really couldn’t survive my daughter’s first year without this little guy. She was such a difficult baby to put to sleep and stay asleep. The only downsize would be having to change the batteries, quite often, in the middle of the night. I highly recommend it. “

says Sophia

Nr. 3 Fisher-Price Soothe & Snuggle Otter

This adorable otter plush toy is amazing for children. It has eleven sensory toys for your baby that will help your baby discover and engage their sense of sight, hearing and touch. Find it here for £39,99


“Absolutely love this! For our new born who is due any day now! Plays a soothing tune and its belly goes up and down like its breathing 🙂 cute as anything! We love otters so this was perfect.”

says S. Pearson

Nr. 4 Tranquil Turtle Night Light

This turtle projects magical underwater effects onto the ceiling in a relaxing aquamarine color. It also plays 2 soothing sounds; tranquil melody and ocean waves. My 4 years old nephew loves his turtle.

You can buy it here for £49,95


“It’s a good buy, a little expensive but totally worth it. Don’t let the price put you off. I have twin boys and use it every nap time and with our bedtime routine.”

says CharlieMoo
When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners.