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6 Things That Any Coffee Lover Needs

Are you the kind of person who wakes up in the morning thinking about coffee? Who believe that the day can’t start before you get your first cup? In that case, these 6 things are for you. With these you’ll be able to make the best possible coffee in the nicest mugs, so that your coffee will be even more enjoyable.

Travel Mug

If you’re someone who loves to bring their coffee on the go or is constantly in a rush, a travel mug is a must have for you. It will keep your coffee hot for hours, prevent you from spilling if you’re rushing and is easy to store in the car. Get this 13 oz cup for £10.19.


“Great for taking a drink in the car – my coffee stayed hot while I walked the dogs, and was at a perfect drinking temperature almost 2 hours after I’d made it. The cup is lightweight but a good material so the cup doesn’t feel too hot in your hands.”

says Craig Groves

French Press

Maybe you’re used to only using fancy espresso machines or capsules for your coffee, but a French press is actually a much cheaper and more simple option. You just place ground coffee and water in the pot, wait a few minutes, press down and you have delicious coffee! Get it here for £29.10.


“I’ve been going to get one of these coffee makers for some time, now I’ve done it and I’m so glad I did. It’s a simple item that works…it looks good, it’s easy to use and easy to clean, unlike my old percolator. You couldn’t ask for more! Now, there’s never a shortage of reviving, restorative, comforting coffee available, and it was a good price, too!”

says Rural Girl

Coffee Grinder

Perhaps you prefer buying entire coffee beans and grinding them yourself in order to get fresher and more flavorful coffee (and even just the feeling of grinding your own coffee). In that case you should try this inexpensive coffee grinder with incredible reviews, available for only £16.99.


“This product is absolutely amazing and worth every penny although very cheap. I would reccomend this to anyone as it is fast, easy to use, easy to clean, and very space saving as it is little. I used it straight away when I got it and was impressed. Thumbs up!!”

says shojib Angus

Fun Flavored Coffee

Sometimes you just want to spice up your coffee and try new flavors without having to buy huge packets in case you don’t like them. This kit is perfect for that, since it lets you choose any 6 flavors (from 32 different ones) that come in smaller jars. Some are even the classics though! Get 6 flavors here for £17.79.

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“This coffee is delicious. I found it hard to find unsweetened flavoured coffee that tasted good with no aftertastes until I tried this one. Very useful that you can choose the flavours you want.”

says Noa Phillips

Mug Warmer

Never worry about your coffee (or tea) becoming cold with this wireless mug warmer. It will keep your drink at a constant temperature as long as it’s standing on the device. What’s really cool about this one is that it also works as a wireless charger! Get yours here for £29.99.


“This is THE must have desk accessory! It’s brilliant! I was forever letting my tea go cold at work but this mug warmer is fab! Totally loving it! The fact it’s also a wireless charger and works with my Samsung… Perfect!”

says Mark Dando

Electric Milk Frother

This tiny device will foam your milk so that you can create any type of coffee drink, like cappuccinos or macchiatos, and will make you look like a professional barista. It’s rechargeable, silent, easy to clean and has two different speeds. Get yours here for only £15.99.


“Wow what a frother. Almost too powerful, put the double head on and you can create the thickness of milkshake without adding sugar. An absolute must have for any coffee or hot chocolate drinker and makes good milkshakes for the kids too.”

says Mad Mick
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6 Items for Your Desk To Make Working More Fun

If you easily get bored of sitting at your desk all day staring at your computer, you’re not alone. Sometimes all we want to do is anything but that. Luckily, though, these 6 things for your desk might make working more fun and inspiring (and in turn make you more productive!).

Desktop Vacuum
This mini-vacuum will actually make cleaning your desk fun, believe it or not. It uses a battery so you can bring it anywhere, and it will remove any annoying paper scraps or eraser slag that’s bothering you. Get it here for only £9.99.(Also available in pink and blue)


“This was a gift for a very clean and tidy coworker, she loved it!”

says miss kirsty barquist

Silicone Pen Holder
Instead of your regular boring pen holder, try this one. It’s a great way of getting your frustrations out or relieving some of your stress without taking it out on people around you. Get it here for £6.89. (Pictured below)

If you want to match your pen holder, get this stress ball from the same series for £7.50.


“This quirky gadget looks great on my desk at work. Makes a cool addition to any desk and perfect for me because I love stationary gadgets. Will buy more in the future as gifts for friends or other stationary buffs like me.”

says SarahTates

Mini AI Robot

This is the perfect gadget for anyone who doesn’t have a pet or wants something small to play with. You can play 10 different games with it, race it around and do tricks, and it can even respond to your hand movements and express a range of emotions. Get this tiny sidekick in blue for £40.58 (also available in black).


“Love this little dude. He makes all kinds of funny little noises when hes exploring and has such a personality you’ll fall in love with this little guy instantly. Great fun to watch and have in the house, the games are great fun and the fact he also plays football is a winner!”

says Anonymous..

Cat Note Dispenser
This cute note dispenser will make working way more fun and practical. With this dispenser you can keep one hand free while peeling off a note with the other, which could be useful during a phone call. Get it here with one pad of post-its included for £9.99. (Pictured below)

And if you want to make your desk look even nicer you can get this matching cat scotch dispenser for £10.33.


“Love this little guy, he’s so cute and also functional with handy access to a post-it note when you need one. He looks great and makes a nice ornament too. Really well made and weighted so that it stays put when you grab a post-it. So pleased with this purchase.”

says SpuggyMinder

Fidget Cube
If you’re someone who usually can’t sit still or constantly has to keep your hands busy, a fidget cube is what you need. This one has 6 sides with various options ranging from rollers, clickers, gliders and will keep your stress down. Get it here for only £9.99.


“Super little gadget, just the right size not too big and fits in the palm of my hand. All the features work well I especially like the clicker (a bit like a switch) and the round ball bearing which swivels round and you can push to click. Keeps hands and minds busy.”

says Supermum

Phone Stand

This holder will make your desk look like a professional office. It’s useful when you want to cook, read or eat while watching your phone, and it’s also good to use when FaceTiming! Get yours here in black for only £8.49.


“I was surprised by how light the stand was when I unpacked it, but it holds my phone perfectly stable. You can even lift it and turn it in a few degrees and the phone still won’t fall out. The design is lovely, looks great on my desk. 5/5”

says Lisa Martinovska
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6 Gifts That Astrology Fans Will Love

We all know someone who loves astrology and believes that the horoscope will tell them how their life will play out. Whether that’s you or your friend, we have found five things that anyone who’s into astrology will love. And even if you’re not an astrology you might find these pieces really cute anyways.

Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This is one of those mugs that changes color with temperature so that you know if your coffee or tea is hot, in which case it will reveal a constellation image. It’s really practical, fun and makes a great gift! Get it here for £15.95.


“Bought this product around a year ago and is still going strong! I love it”

says Amazon Customer

Zodiac Necklace
There are so many different kinds of astrology jewelry out there in all shapes and materials. This necklace is really dainty and is made from sterling silver (some are available in a rose color too) and will be appreciated by anyone! Get it in any zodiac sign here for only £12.99.


“Beautiful little necklace! Came super quick in the mail and is silver.

Looks very dainty and is exactly what I was looking for.”

says Cosima

Wall Tapestry
If you have this tapestry hanging over your bed it will almost feel like you’re sleeping under the stars. This one is really light so you can easily hang it on the wall with just 2 nails or pins. It comes in three sizes (M,L,XL) with the large selling for £13.90.


“This product is absolutely gorgeous and extremely light weight. I wasn’t sure how to hang it with the pins provided so i’ve just pinned it to my wall instead and it has honestly created the perfect vibe. The quality of this product is amazing and not stiff at all. The print is gorgeous. Can not fault this product one bit.”

says meg

Astrology Book
This book suits both astrology pros and newbies. It will learn you how to interpret zodiac signs, how to use your sign to improve yourself, make the best choices and much more. It’s a useful book for anyone in their everyday life! Get a hardcover here for £13.59.


“Very fascinating and great for beginners! A very gripping author that gave her in-depth overall on astrology. Beautiful quality book and artwork inside! Defiantly recommend!”

says Jessica Frost

Personalized Star Map
A personalized gift always feels a little bit more special for the receiver and makes it look like you put in more effort. If you purchase this map, all you need to do is text the message you want and the location for the star map and it will be printed on it. Get it in A3 size for £24.99.


“Omg….. what can I say!!! Well this is perfect for that something that is so thoughtful and nice to receive. It’s a gift for someone and hopefully they will see the thought that went into not only buying it, but the people that made it too!!! Lovely idea with meaning behind it too!”

says shannon

Duvet Cover Set

This duvet set is great for astrology lovers, but since the design is so minimalistic, anyone can appreciate it! You don’t need any throws or blankets over it, since it already looks decorative on its own. The fabric is soft and machine washable too. Get the king size here for £32.99.


“I was amazed by the soft silky quality of the duvet material when it arrived this week. I still can’t believe how little I paid for this!

And the color and sizing is spot on.


says DivaM
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What You Need for the Ultimate Summer Barbecue

The summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate that than by having a summer barbecue with your friends? Show off your barbecue skills, make some nice drinks and enjoy the nice weather. If you want to take your barbecue to the next level then check out the things we have found for you!

A Grill (obviously)
It’s pretty hard to host a BBQ without a grill. However, because of the immense amount of different types, it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t grill very often and want something just for the barbecue try this foldable and portable one. It’s still stable and large enough for a BBQ and only costs £41.99. (Pictured below)

If you’re not just looking for a party grill but something you will use in your everyday life for years you may want to invest in this Weber charcoal grill for £79.99.


“Yesterday we got the chance to use it and everything went really well! Our barbeque was a success, easy to assemble, the meat was super tasty and my husband had a lot of fun doing it. I am satisfied with the quality of this item -it is also easy to clean.”

says Vivien Rosewood

Fun Drink Accessories
If you’re planning on serving some nice drinks you might want to make them a bit more fun with some accessories. Spicing up the drinks with fun straws and mini umbrellas is always appreciated and instantly gives people a party feeling. Get this pack of 100 pieces (50 umbrellas and 50 3D fruit straws) for £13.49. (Pictured below)

And instead of your regular square ice cubes, get these ones shaped as pineapples, watermelons and cacti for more of a summer vibe! Buy them here for £5.19.


“Ideal party pack, for every occassion”

says Colthecrow

BBQ Sauce
Without the barbecue sauce it’s not really a BBQ. If you’re inviting a lot of people (or throwing several smaller BBQs) it’s worth investing in a big bottle that you know won’t run out even if you have hungry guests. Get this bottle with over 1 kg of sauce for £15.99. (Pictured below)

You might also want to get this sweet and smoky BBQ seasoning that’s perfect for all meats (available in other flavors too) for £7.99.


“We’re obsessed with this sauce and it’s hard to find tasty sweet BBQ sauce in the UK so this has really been a great find!”

says Anne H.

Drink Dispenser
Not only will this glass drink dispenser give your BBQ a summery look but it’s also really practical! It’s easy to refill, guests can help themselves to drinks and the ice cylinder in it will make sure your drinks don’t get diluted with water. Get yours here for only £14.99.


“Really easy to put together. Product is sturdy and tap is good quality, would definitely recommend for parties, cocktails etc.”

says Laura Gwilt

Food Serving Equipment

These cute corn on the cob holders are great if you’re planning on grilling corn, but they can also be used for various other things. Give them to guests to pick up smaller foods so that they don’t have to put their hands in the food (making it corona safe). Get 36 pieces of this practical holder for £9.99. (Pictured below)

Even though these plastic food baskets are really inexpensive they will surely impress your guests! It will make your barbecue look really professional and well-prepared. Get 6 of them here for ONLY £4.40.


“Well made skewers. Bought for eating our corn, they went well with the large cobs we had today, it’s the first time we used. I am pleased with them.”

says David

“King of the Grill” Apron

Obviously you need to make sure that people know you’re the host and the king of the grill, and with this apron they will! It’s also a great gift for anyone who likes to grill. Get it here in black for only £7.99.


“Bought this for my dad, he absolutely loved it. Great quality and he will be using it every week for the bbq

says Amazon Customer
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6 Things to Freshen up Your Home

Are you looking to upgrade your home a bit but don’t want to completely renovate it or replace all your furniture? If so, we have some things that you might be interested in that can help you freshen up and revamp your home simply by adding small details and decorations!

Decorative Cushions
Cushions can brighten up any boring couch or chair and really make the room come alive! If prints aren’t your thing, you need to get these velvet cushion cases that come in any color you can imagine (and various sizes). They look extremely luxurious, but these ones that are quite big only cost £15.99 for a pack of two.


“These are superb cushion covers. Incredibly soft to the touch, good quality material and the zip is indeed well hidden. I bought them to match some existing cushions that came with a newly purchased sofa and the colour was a perfect match. Would definitely recommend these.”

says Mrs Donna Louise White

Self-Adhesive Film

If you have a table or any sort of furniture that you would like to keep but want to make it look a little bit nicer and more luxurious, try this adhesive marble film that you can stick to pretty much any surface. A cheap plastic table will suddenly look expensive. Get 2 meters of it here for only £5.00. (Pictured below)

Or if you prefer a wood surface, get these films that come in several types of wood prints for £11.04.


“LOVE IT!!! Its made such a differance to my kitchen tops I honestly couldn’t of asked for better! Cheap and well worth every penny if not more… Use to hate my kitchen and with this and some more bits and bobs it looks 10x better….”

says Leesan Lambert

Wall Mirrors
Instead of leaving your walls bare, make them a bit more interesting with this 3-piece set of mirrors that comes in both gold and silver as well as two other shapes. Your home will look really modern and “shabby chic” with these on your walls! Now selling for only £13.90.


“These look stunning and they look very expensive for the price!”

says Amazon Customer

Beautiful Plants

Plants are a really good way of making your living space look more alive and cozy. However, if you find it difficult to take care of them and keep them alive, try these artificial Monstrera leaves that still look like real ones but without the struggle of having to remember to water them. Get 4 of them here for £15.98. (Picture below)

If you’re good at taking care of plants though, get this live purple orchid that will look beautiful in any home for £23.99.


“Love these. Very sturdy stems and such a great price for the quality! A super easy & modern way to jazz up your living room, bedroom, etc. Will be purchasing more!”

says Sienna Rose

Cool Desk Lamp
This desk lamp is not only elegant but also really practical. You can position it in almost any way thinkable and make sure you get optimal light for whatever you’re doing. It’s also wireless and foldable so you can bring it anywhere, even outside your home! Get it here for £21.99. (Also available in other colors)


“Really pleased with this product for price, quality and the flexibility of height, shape however you want it. We priced this item in John Lewis and I nearly fell over, scandalous price. This is exactly the same product for a lot lot less.”

says tracy

Floating Wood Shelves

If you’re not that into mirrors or posters on your wall, try these wooden wall shelves that hang from a rope. These will give your home a rustic and bohemian look as well as giving you more storage space. Get a set of two that you can hang in three different ways (as shown below) for only £16.99.


“Absolutely amazing! I’m not the best ‘DIY’ person and so easy to assemble and the hooks pre-done makes it so easy to put to the wall! All you need is a hammer & they do the rest for you! Great value for money. Great product!

says Ria Bird
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6 Baking Tools That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

Most of us have a lot of time on our hands right now, but perhaps no idea on how to spend it. Now is the time to try something new, and what’s better than an activity that’s not only fun for you but will make a lot of others happy as well? If you want to try baking, here are 6 products that will at least make you look like a pro (and even help you become one).

Silicone Cupcake Moulds

There’s no one that doesn’t appreciate cupcakes. They’re the perfect bite or dessert for any occasion and if you want to make them even cuter than regular ones then get these moulds that come in 4 shapes (6 of each). They’re reusable and therefore also good for the environment! Get them here for £8.62. (Pictured below)

If you want reusable silicone moulds but with only the classic round cupcake shape, then get these for £11.99.


“Absolutely amazing. I love that I dont need to by paper for them and we can eat them straight from the forms is we want to. We dont use cupcake tray, just put them straight in.”

says Dora

Personalized Baking Apron

Simply looking like you’re a pro at baking will make it much more fun and probably give you more confidence in your baking. You just enter your name (or whoever is getting the apron) and it will be printed on it to make is personal. You will want to bake just so you can wear this. Get it here for £19.99.


“Very pleased with this. I bought it as a Christmas present for my daughter who loves baking. She has a less common name so can never just buy named products with her name on as standard. So this made a great gift for her and she loved it. Quick delivery too!”

says Harrhian75

Cake decorating kit

This is a great starter kit for those who want to start decorating their cakes. It has 39 pieces, which is quite a lot and will be enough for beginners who don’t need very specialized tools. The kit contains everything from spatulas to piping nozzles, and only costs £23.99. (Pictured below)

However, if you want something with even more tools that will enable you to create pretty much any decoration you want, get this kit with 137 pieces for £29.99.


“I really love baking, this is a precious set to have for your baking journey! You have all the essential you need to make a proper cake! I will definitely suggest to buy this one for value of money and practicality.”

says Marcella Moretti

Silicone Baking Mat

Instead of using regular baking mats that aren’t reusable and that always seem to fold in weird ways, get these silicone mats. They have a non-stick surface, outlines for cookies and measurements around the edges. They can easily be washed and rolled up for storage. Get a pack of 4 for £13.99.


“Best silicon baking mats I’ve ever had – nothing sticks and the different colours are a lovely addition. Quality is much better than others I’ve tried yet the price is just as great. Would definitely recommend these silicon sheets – perfect for all my roasting tins as well as baking trays.”

says Trish17

Good Baking Recipes

The key to tasty cakes and cookies are good recipes. Without them, it doesn’t matter how much other equipment and tools you have, your pastries still won’t taste good! This book has Mary Berry’s (the cake master herself) cake recipes which should tell you how good they are. Get it here in paperback for £7.72.


“I have used this book for the past 7 years or so. I have several other baking books that are much more glossy and expensive, which I love to look at, but this one is my go-to book when baking a cake for any family occasion. Every time I bring along a cake baked from this book, my sister asks for the recipe, so I finally bought her a copy of her own.”

says Marbee

Brownie Tin

Brownies are probably one of the best inventions ever. They’re so easy to make and taste amazing. If you’re planning brownies every now and then, it’s worth investing in this brownie tin that will pre-slice your brownies in equal pieces for you. Get it here for £24.99.


“This is one of those kitchen utensils that you didn’t realise you needed until you use it. Not only does it produce uniformly sized brownies every time, but the heat from the dividers ensures thatceach brownie is perfectly booked through with no soggy middles. It is great quality and ease to clean, although it’s best washed by hand. Great bit of kitchen kit.”

says JuliaC
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Weird Things on Amazon That You Will Want to Buy

Amazon has everything you can imagine and more. It’s easy to get lost on the website just clicking on new links until you end up on the weirdest products. It’s exactly those products we have found, but we made sure to gather only the ones you would actually want to buy (not, for example, bacon-flavored soda…or?!). Keep reading to find the crazy products you’ll definitely like.

Toilet Bowl LED-Lights

Tired of stumbling into the bathroom at night? With this you won’t have to! The LED-lights will light up when you get near them using a motion sensor (only when it’s dark), and you can choose between 8 different colors. It’s really affordable too (and has amazing reviews!), now selling for only £12.99.


“This will be the 5th or 6th I’ve bought not only for me but also for friends. Really great, fun item but so useful too. No need to switch lights on when going to bathroom at night. Fantastic and reliable.”

says Funtime Davy

Meat Claws

These claws will make you feel like wolverine when you’re wearing them. They are not just a halloween decoration though, but are actually quite practical. Either use them as meat shredders for pulled pork or use them to pick up or hold the meat in place when you’re cutting it up. Get these in stainless steel for £13.99.


“Best Buy in ages, worth every penny. Not just great for shredding pulled pork or beef but also lifting meat and holding it in place whilst carving. Highly recommended.”

says Shaber

Self-Stirring Mug
This one is for the really lazy people who don’t want to stir their coffee or tea by themselves. The cup will stir your drink with the push of a button, and it’s insulated so your drink will keep hot for longer than a regular mug would. Get this brilliant thing here for only £12.99.


“I gave this to a friend as a present and he loves it and uses this Self-Stirring Mug all the time now.

Excellent novelty product

says P0TTER

Air Drawing Pictionary
This game will make you feel like you’re living in the future. Instead of regular Pictionary, you can get this one where you draw in the air with the Pictionary pen and it will appear on your friend’s screen. You can use it with your family or as a party game. It’s almost magic!! Get it here for only £15.98.


“This game is awesome

Everything I was hoping it’d be except EASIER to set up and use

Had a lot of fun with this”

says Emmy Gustavson

Horizontal Reading Glasses
If you like to lie on your back while watching TV or reading, this is the product for you. With these you won’t have to strain your neck when watching or reading something thanks to their periscope function. For only £10.59 they will certainly be worth your money.


“Great for anyone with a tv at the end of their bed etc, perfect clarity and comfort for viewing things from a laying down position, top notch.”

says T
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These Items Will Help You Organize Your Home

If you’re someone who would love to have an organized home but hates actually having to clean, these products are for you! They will help you keep everything from your socks to pens organized, and will make it so much easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Desk Organizer
If there’s something we need now it’s an organized desk. Working at a neat desk will make you much more productive and calm since you don’t need to turn it upside down just to find a specific thing. This one is pretty big and can therefore hold anything you want! Get yours here for £17.99.


“I am really impressed with the quality and simpleness of this desk tidy. I followed the instruction video on YouTube put it together in a couple of minutes. Good quality product, very sturdy and looks nice. A great addition to my office”

says kaylye

Drawer Organizer

While you may find it easy to organize shirts, dresses or jackets that can hang in your closet, it always seems impossible to organize smaller items like socks, underwear or ties. With this kit you get 4 organizers in different sizes that will make sure your drawers are not messy anymore. Get a set of grey ones here for £17.99.


“I don’t normally write reviews, but had to comment of these. I’ve bought 3 sets of them to sort out my messy drawers and they are fabulous. I can now see where everything is and easily find stuff. Highly recommended”

says DZB

Bedside Caddy
If you’re someone who loves to have things close to your bed so that you just have to stretch your arm to reach anything, this is the product for you. Just hang this caddy at the edge of your bed (or even your desk) and you will have everything you need close at hand, including books, water bottles and tissues. Get yours here for £10.99.


“This item is fantastic. It has lots of space with different compartments and fits neatly by my bed. Its a lovely material and well made and does the perfect job. Great price too. Keeps everything nice and tidy rather than having items on display on your bedside table. Just perfect!”

says Jo H

Cable Organizer
Something that can look really messy is having cables and charges lying around. They are usually really difficult to organize, but this cable organizer will help you with that! This set has 3 clips all in different sizes and will adhere to pretty much any surface. Get them here for only £6.95. (Pictured below)

If you want a set with smaller clips for only 1-5 cables, get this set of 12 that comes with four various sizes for only £5.99.


“These tidy clips have done exactly what they are supposed to do. They had tidied my desk space up really well. I no longer have wires going here there and everywhere. This is one of those products you must have, and if you don’t have, you must like having a mess of wires.”


Jewelry Box

If you’re struggling with losing your jewelry or having them tangled up in each other, a jewelry tray is what you need! This one is really smart as you can store rings, necklaces and earrings in their own specific spaces, and it has two layers to fit more jewelry. Get it here for £19.99. (Pictured below)

And if you want something smaller that’s ideal for traveling, get this one for £12.79.


“This box is amazing and way larger than I was expecting. It’s beautiful and has a lot of storage for different types of jewelry, I use it to store all my ear plugs and piercings, which the dividers make perfect for. Recomended to everyone who wants a good storage system for a very good price!”

says Amazon Customer

Travel Packing Cubes

When it comes to traveling, having these cubes will completely transform your packing and travels. With these you will be able to find everything quickly and fit more in the same sized luggage. This set has 8 cubes including 3 for clothes, 3 for laundry and 2 for shoes. Get it here for ONLY £5.94.


“I can’t believe I have only just found these – since discovering the product we have bought 4 packs, one for my daughter, son, myself (and my husband also decided he wanted some too). They are genius and have made packing so much easier. Would 100% recommend.

says Louisa
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These Items Will Make Packing and Traveling So Much Easier

While some countries have started to open up, most of our travels in the near future will probably be either road trips or train travels. Either way, you can always use some help when it comes to packing and carrying all your luggage which is why we have found some great items to help you with just that!

Packing Cubes
Packing cubes are extremely helpful when it comes to organizing you luggage as well as creating more space. This kit is really affordable and comes with 7 packing cubes made from breathable mesh in different sizes and functions, like a shoe bag and a toiletry cube! Get yours here for £7.99.

This kit for £14.99 is a little bit more expensive but comes with some different bags like a sock bag and has perhaps an even sleeker design.


“These are an absolute MUST HAVE! They are perfect and are really good quality, I can’t belive how quick they came and the colour is beautiful! I can’t stress how amazing this product is! Very happy customer!!”

says I. S. Bromwich

Vacuum Storage Bags
If you want to free more space in your luggage and be able to bring just as much stuff in a much smaller bag, these vacuum bags are great as they reduce the original volume up to 80%. Just put your clothes in them, zip them and then roll them to create a vacuum. For only £12.95 you get 10 rollup bags (4 large, 4 medium and 2 small).


“This is the first time I’ve purchased vacuum storage bags and I’m so glad I bought these. They are large, strong and well priced and they work really well. We have a caravan and I bought these to store spare bedding. I’ve managed to fit a single duvet, two pillows, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a duvet cover in one bag with room to spare. Excellent product.”

says Nicola

Backpack with Built-in Charger
This backpack is really good for long trips where you don’t know if you will have access to an outlet. Not only is it practical, since it’s also waterproof and has a luggage belt to attach it to your suitcase, but it’s also really stylish. Get the 15.6 inch backpack for £21.99.


“Amazing back pack. Love the compartments, the style, the look, the bottle holders on the sides and the charging section. I actually put mine through the washing machine (gentle mode) recently and it’s good as new!”

says Amazon Customer

Duffel Bag With Wheels
What’s especially good with this bag is that it can either be carried as a duffel bag for shorter trips or be rolled if you’re walking longer distances. This option makes bringing your luggage so much easier for both car, plane or train travel. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than many luggages, a medium sized one now available for £59.99. (Pictured below)

Or if you want a regular duffel bag that’s extremely light and spacious but without the wheels, we recommend this one for only £16.99.


“Great to find a holdall style bag that can be wheeled round, will stand on its end and fold flat all at once. Good quality materials with a practical sensible number of additional pockets. Even came with a few small padlocks and keys that you might use if checking this bag in for a flight. I bought three of these for my children to use.”

says Adrian

Add a Bag Luggage Strap
If you want more space and bags without having to carry more bags in your hands, these tiny straps will come in handy. Just place these small clips to the top handle of your luggage and attach another bag to it. Get this pack of 4 for £7.99.


“Brilliant product, I love it and it’s so handy when you’re travelling with multiple bags and rushing in between connections and people”

says Dimple
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The Most Stylish Face Masks Available Right Now

If there’s one thing we should be buying right now it’s face masks. But instead of seeing them as something you have to wear because we’re told to do so, why not wear a cute face mask that will make you feel happy about wearing it? It looks like we’re going to have to wear them for weeks or months, so it’s worth investing in one that you like.

Heart Mask

If you want something that’s not entirely plain but also not covered with prints, this mask is for you! This particular design has a small heart in the corner but the same mask also comes with other prints such as a smiley and a star. It’s washable, reusable and only costs £4.90!


“Arrived in two weeks through my letterbox nice material, thick feel and comfortable, great use during this pandemic and when I visit my dad in hong kong x”

says Rebecca c.

Nutella Mask
This mask is incredibly cute and great for anyone who loves Nutella. It will definitely put a smile on the face of the people who pass you on the street when you’re wearing it. The ear bands are elastic in order to be able to fit anyone. Get yours here for £11.99.


Subtle Cheetah Mask

This face mask is certainly one of the most stylish ones out there. Prepare to get a lot of compliments on it and questions about where you got it from. If this particular design isn’t your favorite, again, there are 10 other cute prints including different florals and cheetah prints. Get yours for £8.49.


“My girls and I love these items, beautiful patterns, quality fabric, adjustable fit to wear.”

says Julia

Minimalist Marble

This mask is for the minimalist that wants something stylish that doesn’t stick out too much. It has elastic ear loops as well as a pocket in the back where you can insert a carbon filter that gives even more protection. Again, like the others it comes in several other patterns. Get yours for £5.99!


Camo Mask

If you want a tougher look to your mask you might want to go with this camo print one. It’s machine washable, reusable, has adjustable straps and like the previous one it has a pocket in the back for a filter. This one comes in an incredible 43(!) other patterns. Get one for £9.99.


Tie Dye Mask

Tie dye print has had a comeback recently, and obviously that also applies to face masks. This mask has a nice tie dye print that is trendy right now, and it also comes with 2 carbon filters, which makes £5.00 a real bargain!

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners.