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These Items Will Save You Money in the Long Run

We all fall for the trap of buying something that seems to be at an unbelievably low price. Sometimes, that item might actually turn out to be of good quality, but more often that not that’s not the case. And sometimes you buy disposable things that are cheap in the moment but that becomes expensive as you have to replace it.That’s why we have found the best items that will save you money in the long run by being high-quality and by eliminating the need to constantly buy new stuff!

Coffee Maker

Instead of going to Starbucks or some other “cheap” coffee place, invest in a really good coffee maker. If we assume one coffee costs $3 (but the price can easily reach $5), then it’s already cheaper to buy this coffee machine instead of pre-made coffee after a little over two months. And that’s assuming you only drink one coffee a day. This machine will definitely be worth the money, now selling for £189.00.


“I love this machine. It is wonderful. Makes beautiful coffees and capuccinos..It makes espresso with the perfect ‘crema’ on top, and heavenly hot frothy cappuccinos. It is easy to maintain and so easy to use. I got a bit confused at the beginning with trying to program it according to instructions, but got past that and have no complaints.”

says Elena

Protective Phone Case

We have all dropped our phones and then thought to ourselves it will never happen again, only to find the exact same thing happen a few weeks later. Instead of paying for expensive reparations, get a phone case that will protect all sides of your phone from cracking or breaking if you drop it. This one is a really sleek design too, and will only cost you £4.98!! Talk about saving money in the long run.


“Love it! I’ve recently purchased a pink iPhone 7 and didn’t want a flimsy case which covered up the pink back of the phone. Oh, and I’m really clumsy and didn’t want the phone smashed to smithereens within minutes of getting my new phone. So, this is ideal. It’s sturdy, feels great and has already saved my iPhone more times than I care to count! Would definitely recommend.”

says MBMie

Water Filter
The BRITA water filters are perhaps the most famous water filters and they deserve their good reputation! This filter jug will filter out chlorine, metals and other organic impurities so that you can drink water right from the tap that will taste fresh. You won’t have to buy plastic water bottles, which is good both for the environment and your pocket. Get this set of a jug and 3 filters cartridges for only £29.99!


“The use of this jug completely changed our habits at home. Water tastes differently, it’s lighter and doesn’t smell as the tap one (you only realise the difference after the switch). Although our tap water is drinkable, the one filtered by our Brita just tastes so much better and as a consequence we drink more! Highly recommended!”

says Angela

Instant Pot

This pot is a miracle product for your kitchen. Instead of having to buy many different pots and appliances, this one will do the job of all of them! It is a pressure cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, sauté pan, steamer, food warmer and much more, all in one. Buying this one item will save you so much money, and is surely going to be one of your most used appliances. Buy it now for £99.99.


“This is my first Instant Pot and I’m loving it. I have been using pressure cookers my whole life (just the simple ones that you use on stove – and they are very scary) and I feel totally safe using the Instant Pot. It has been just 4 days but so far I have cooked all the dishes I was afraid to do in a normal pressure cooker and it’s great. I highly recommend it.”

says Clara

Makeup Cloths

I don’t understand how this cloth works, because it simply seems too good to be true. Instead of having to buy disposable makeup wipes, you can just get this cloth that can be reused hundreds of times! Just wet the cloth in warm water and wipe your face, and it will remove even the toughest of makeup. Get it now for £14.89.


“For anyone out there that hasn’t used a makeup eraser, please do! It removes ALL your makeup including mascara with just warm water. I used cleanser after to make sure it was all off but there was no need. Fabulous product and saves you money in the long run.”

says Emma Butcher

Vacuum Food Sealer

With this machine, you won’t have to worry about your food getting spoiled and having to throw it away. This one can store any left-overs, from rice to bananas and meat. It can actually keep food fresh up to 7 times better than normal storing methods! Now you can buy and cook food in bulk and not have to worry it being spoiled, which will save you a lot of money. Get this one for £49.99.


“Wow wish I had one of these sooner! These are a life saver great for storing all types of food.. great for back to school lunches ect

says shannon l.
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6 Outdoor Games To Play With Your Family This Summer

Now that summer is here, we need some things to keep ourselves busy! Since we can’t really travel this summer, it’s a good opportunity to stay at home in your garden and spend some time with your family. A great way of doing this is by playing games together (just make sure you don’t get too competitive or that might ruin the mood). That’s why we have found some fun games you can play with your family outdoors!

Boules is a classic game that everyone can enjoy, and is a great game to play with both both family and friends. This set has the traditional steel boules and also comes with a wooden jack, a rope measuring tool and a canvas bag to store everything in. It also comes at a great price, only £19.99 for this high quality set!


“Great for involving everyone in a game that doesn’t require too much running around, this set is very sturdy, and even includes a marker and string for measuring the distance from/to the jack and so settle disputes. Reasonably heavy, as would be expected, but not so much as to cause a problem when being carried around.”

says Fopstar

Throw Throw Burrito
How fun does this game look?? It’s a perfect party game! A burrito enthusiast called the game “Uno meets Nerf”, which sounds incredible. Basically, you try to collect matching sets of cards while trying to avoid getting hit by foam burritos. You even have a burrito duel to determine the winner. I know I will be buying this game immediately, especially since it’s only £24.99!


“The most fun we’ve had in ages!!!! The card game is great itself but add in squishy throwable burritos and its chaos!!!! The instructions may seem a bit daunting on the first go but by the time the first round had finished even our 6 year old was a dab hand at it!!!! So much fun. The more people playing the more chaos ensues!!!”

says Mrs. Kay F. Underwood

Ping Pong Set

This is another game that everyone should be familiar with. What’s great about ping pong is that it doesn’t require much space, all you need is a flat table! This set has everything you need including a retractable net, four rackets and 8 ping pong balls. After only about 30 seconds of setting up you’re ready to play. Get this set for £43.52.


“My son loves this set. So do I and so does my mum. Fun for all ages. Good quality, easy to use. Enough balls to last a lifetime!”

says Julia S


If you’re not from Sweden, you might not have heard about this game before. It’s one of the most classic games to play with your family or friends, and doesn’t require much space. Basically, you try to take down your opponents’ knights by throwing sticks on them, and eventually take down the king. Just spend a little bit of time to learn it and you will have lots fun for the entire summer! Get this set for £44.99.


“This is a Swedish game that I’d first played in Sweden. This game is perfectly recreated. The wood is extremely good quality and comes in a useful carry bag. I like the game which is fun for all the family and comes with instructions. Can be played by 2 people or lots of people! Nothing to dislike – may the best team win. Perfect fun for a summers day.”

says Family man with children

Dart Set

Everyone loves to play darts, and many of us has probably found ourselves playing it at a bar late at night with some friends. But since we can’t go to bars anymore, why not bring the fun to our own home? This dart set looks professional and has everything you need (and more), and the quality is amazing! Now available for £36.90.


“Quality product with everything you need to start playing darts. In these unusual times where public socialising is prohibited it’s actually great to reconnect with the family and rediscover the great game of darts!”

says Philfiftythree

Badminton Set

Last but not least, a badminton set is an item that will keep you and your family busy all summer. While some games are fun to play every once in a while, badminton is the kind of activity you can do all the time without getting tired of it! These rackets is designed to minimize air resistance, improve stability and increase the likelihood of hitting (which I know I could need). It also comes with two shuttlecock. Get yours now for £29.99.


“Love this! I wasn’t sure I wanted to pay £30 for this at first but it had better reviews than cheaper sets and we have used it almost every day since we got it. Great to get in some exercise and fun especially whilst staying home more at the moment. The set is good quality and the best £30 I’ve spent in a while.

says Amy
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5 Items That Will Make Running a Little Bit Easier

I know running can be really difficult, especially if you haven’t gone on a run in a long time. Many see it as a dreadful activity and prefer any other type of workout. However, once you start running and get into a routine it can actually be quite fun (or at least make you feel proud of yourself afterwards). Running doesn’t require much equipment, but these items we have found might make running a little bit easier and maybe even more fun!

Running Armband
A running armband is an essential if you like to bring your phone with you when you’re running. This seemingly simple item will take away the struggle of having to hold your phone in your hand while running. This particular armband can fit many differently sized phones and has a headphone hole as well as a key storage and a pocket for credit cards and money. It’s sweat resistant, has an adjustable strap and supports touch screens. Get it for only £9.99!


“I bought this for my first 5k run!! Realised I had nothing to carry my phone in and not a chance I was running without my music so panic bought this 2 days before. It arrived the day before my run and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. It was secure and comfortable during my run,, I was able to access my phone easily via the touch screen. I now use for every run and gym session,, extremely happy with this!!”

says Rebecca

Fitness Tracker
Fitness trackers are not only useful for tracking your runs but can be worn all day to track everything from steps to sleep status. A fitness tracker can be particularly helpful if you don’t want to bring your phone with you on your run. This one has a running mode and can track distance, heart rate, active minutes and calories. It’s also waterproof and the battery lasts up to 15 days without charging! This one is very affordable too, available for £23.99.


“I have found this fitness tracker to be an invaluable tool in my fitness regime which includes weight training, walking and punch bag workouts. This is truly excellent with regards to heart rate, walking, workout settings are perfect for me and I have found myself pushing a little harder re each discipline. The watch band is very comfortable and the battery life is outstanding. The various types of routine setting cover everything that I require. An excellent fitness tracker at an faboulous price, I am so very glad I made this purchase.”

says George

Running Belt
Once you start getting into a routine and perhaps running even longer distances, you might want to upgrade your armband to a running belt. Although it’s pretty similar to the armband, the belt can hold more things such as fuel and water. This one can hold a 500 ml water bottle and is therefore perfect for both running, hiking or cycling. It has an adjustable and breathable belt and now sells for only £13.99.


“This is great, I can fit in my normal size bottle (500ml), my iPhone 7 and 3 gel packs. I’m really happy I can get all that in and room for my keys. This is just what I wanted”

says Ellen

Running Shoes
Perhaps the most important thing when it comes to running is a good pair of running shoes. Your shoes can completely change your run, and if they’re not well made they can lead to injuries. If there’s one thing worth spending a little bit more money on, it’s a good pair of running shoes. These Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 are great for running and will last a long time, plus they’re designed to give you an extra push! Prices start at £77.26.


“I bought these shoes for daily running, they arrived in perfect conditions and earlier than expected. They are very light and comfortable, it feels like flying. I have a skinny foot and normally have a 37 EU size here I bought the 38.5 and they fit perfectly. Really happy”

says Emma

Bluetooth Headphones
I don’t know about you, but I can’t run without some good, motivating music. But I also know it can be a struggle to find a good pair that doesn’t fall out of my ears, or a pair with high quality sound. These headphones help with all those problems! They are sweat-resistant, have HD sound, bluetooth connection, ear wings that come in 4 different sizes to fit everyone and much more. I couldn’t ask for anything better. And, best of all, they only cost £32.52!


“These little headphone are great. I was pleasantly surprised about the sound quality and ease of setup – just a couple of minutes and I was up and running (literally). I bought these headphone to use when running and in the gym and they are perfect, especially considering the price. I also love the little zip pouch that came with them. Really useful, keeps them tangle free, and perfect for storing in my gym bag. All in all an excellent buy.”

says Mrs V Burman
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5 Creative Things to Do at Home

Now that most of us will be spending the summer at home, it can be fun to find some new activities and hobbies to keep ourselves busy. Watching tv series and movies or looking at social media can become a little bit boring after a while. That’s why we have found some items that are entertaining and might help bring out your creative side!

Paint by Numbers
If you love to paint but find it difficult, paint by numbers is perfect for you! It will help you create beautiful paintings even if drawing isn’t you strongest suit, and will also make you feel relaxed. This one is a really cool picture of a lion. For only £12.99 you can become an artist!


“Great painting by numbers with good quality paints and brushes and the picture looks great now finished after hours of painting which I really enjoyed

Received quickly and would recommend”

says Miss J Hinckesman

Puzzles are a great way of passing time. They’re not only fun but can also improve your problem solving skills, memory and help relieve stress. Even if we can’t travel this summer, this puzzle can make us dream of a nice vacation. It’s 1000 pieces, so it will keep you busy for a while, and it could also be a great way of spending time with your family and friends. Get this one for £24.92.


“This is a relatively difficult 1000 piece puzzle for us which is exactly what we wanted since we’ve been racing through so many nowadays. The picture used is so beautiful. The pieces fit together solidly and quality is on par with other brands I have tried.

Most importantly the colour and hue of the puzzle matches what is on the box. We are are on day 2 and still going, very excited to finish it! Oh and it comes with a free poster which is huge!”

says Ginchi

Soft Pastels

If you want to start painting on your own without the help of paint by numbers or coloring books, using soft pastels is a great start! These pastels look a bit like crayons and don’t require you to use brushes. Soft pastels are easy to blend and you can get these in either 24, 48 or 72 colors. They’re great for beginners and have vivid colors! Get a box of 48 colors for £14.23.


“These are excellent pastels. I had been using a cheaper brand which seemed to just disintegrate into powder on the page which made them quite hard to use delicately. These don’t do that at all, they stay whole and are easy to use more precisely. I love them and would recommend to anyone new to pastels don’t waste money on cheapies treat yourself!”

says JennieBee

Bullet Journal Kit

Bullet journals are a really fun way of organizing your life! A bullet journal doesn’t just need to be a calendar with all the tasks you need to complete each day. They can include places you want to visit, goals for the year or new songs you have found. It’s a great way to keep yourself organized and inspired while being creative. You can decorate the inside however you want with fun colors and doodles. This kit is a little more expensive but comes with colored pens, stencils, stickers and washi tape! Get yours now for £26.99.


“Love it! Cant wait to get started on bullet journaling, pages are numbers and has an index/contents! Stickers are adorable and stencils will be so handy. Great little packaged and arrived next day even during lockdown 👍🏻”

says D


Most of us probably tie-dyed shirts as a kid, but this is a really fun activity for adults too. The tie-dye print has made a comeback recently and is seen on runways and celebrities. Instead of buying a pre-made tie-dye shirt, why not make your own? This way, you can choose the exact colors you want and it will spark your creative side. This kit has 8 colors as well as protective gloves, rubber bands and extra dye packets. And all of this will only cost you £18.99!


“This tie dye kit is brilliant, my two daughters found it easy to use and it has given them hours of fun during lockdown – they have both dyed 5 T-shirt’s each and there is lots of dye left- the gloves are also reusable. It says to wash the T-shirt’s after 24 hours although they discovered that you can wash them earlier it just made the dye a lighter shade – they both really enjoyed experimenting with the colours and making different designs 🙂 Would definitely recommend:)”

says Mrs VL Gardiner
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Get Your Hair Healthy and Shiny With These 5 Additions to Your Routine!

The boredom of home isolation has turned many of us into hair stylists, with our hair becoming the canvas for our experiments.

Whether your hair has been damaged by box dyes at your DIY home hair salon, or years of heat usage has sucked the liveliness out of your hair, by adding these 5 small, but effective steps into your hair-care routine you will stun everyone with your luscious locks when finally emerging from the home quarantine!

1. Boar bristle brush

If you have long hair like me, you know the feeling of having the driest ends despite the greasy roots. The natural boar bristles in this brush are just like human hair, so therefore they absorb natural hair oils from your scalp and evenly distribute them throughout the length of your hair, allowing it to nourish your dry ends. Don’t forget to clean the brush regularly, though! Luckily this one comes together with a free brush cleaner, only for $13.97


“Found this brush on Amazon, got it the next day and I’m thrilled with it. My hair is more manageable, softer and stays straighter. Plus it came with cute bag and a tool for removing hair out of your brush and it works. Totally recommend!!!

says Sandra

2. Wide tooth comb

Did you know that wet hair is much more brittle? Brushing wet hair causes a lot of damage, and therefore we recommend using this gentle wide-tooth comb. You can use it in the shower to evenly apply your conditioner or to comb through your hair right after a wash. Check out this double-pack for only $5.37


“I have thick, naturally curly hair. I love this comb. I keep them in the shower, one even has a hook for the shower head.

says Ky Checketts

3. Satin pillow cases

Our hair spends almost half of its “life” on a pillow. Cheap pillow cases cause friction on your hair, so it’s worth investing in a satin pillowcase which is much softer than regular cotton and gentle on your hair (don’t forget to wear your hair in a protective hairstyle while you sleep too!). Get this double-pack now for only $9.99


“LOVE THESE! They are a beautiful shade of gray, well-made and a perfect price! I ordered these to help protect against hair-breakage and I’ve already noticed a huge difference!!!”

says shawnellnewberry

4. Shampoo brush

Scalp massages stimulate hair growth. This amazing shampoo brush will make hair washing an amazing experience for your scalp. It also helps to remove the natural skin buildup, so you should definitely give it a try if you’re someone who struggles with dandruff. We recommend this one, as it seems to be everyone’s favorite, for only $7.58


“After I purchased the Heeta hair scalp massager after about three weeks my scalp started feeling wonderful and rejuvenated. I no longer am loosing any of my hair like I was on the bathroom floor plus I don’t have any more dandruff issues.”

says celebrate1203

5. No crease clips

Finally, a smaller accessory that will save your hair from those annoying hair clip lines. Clip away your hair when applying make up or secure your curls. Also, try clipping your hair at the roots while you are waiting for it to dry, in order to achieve that voluminous look. This pack of six clips is only $4.99


“I have think and course curly hair.. even when it is straightened it’s near impossible to hold back with styling clips. These are so great! Especially for keeping hair out of your face while doing makeup. The best part is these don’t crease your hair “

says Laila
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Our Top 5 Beauty Products Right Now

Every once in a while we all need to relax and treat ourselves to some self-care. Spa treatments and facials can be quite expensive, so why not buy your own products and do it at the comfort of your own home? That’s why we have found the best beauty products under £40.00 so that you can treat yourself to an at-home spa day without having to spend a fortune!

Facial Cleansing Brush
Perhaps the most essential thing in a beauty routine is cleaning your face from makeup residue and dirt that has gathered during the day (did you know pollution accumulates on your skin?). Washing your face with your hands won’t leave your skin nearly as clean as this facial cleansing brush that deep cleans your skin and removes makeup up to 6 times better than traditional cleaning. What makes it even better? It only costs £22.99.


“I have tried to find a nice Facial Brush for a long time and have decided to try the Liberex Vibrating Facial Cleaning Brush. I am very impressed with the quality of the product and design of the product. After using it for a week I can see how cleaner and nicer my skin looks. Also it’s amazing that it’s charging very quickly and I can use it in the shower. I am very happy with my choice.”

says Ttetati

Facial Steamer
To really get the feeling you’re at a luxurious facial treatment the facial steamer is a staple. It might feel a little bit scary if you haven’t used one before, but afterwards your skin will feel so refreshed. It will open your pores and allow your skin to absorb creams better afterwards. This one comes with a 5-piece skin care kit to remove impurities, and currently sells for only £39.99.


“Excellent product. I wanted to try this product for a few months before writing a review. I use to steam my face over a bowl of hot water but the steam does not last. With this product you have constant steam and after a few uses you can feel and see the difference to your skin. Well worth the money and would recommend.”

says Jennifer

LED Light Therapy Machine
This handy machine has all the features you could ask for! With six different light settings it can brighten and tighten your skin, remove dark spots and wrinkles and much more. It also includes functions to stimulate the creation new collagen, which improves the smoothness of your skin. How can resist buying this miracle machine for only £30.90?


“Excellent device that helps tone your skin, tighten pores, tighten skin and few other features all built into one device. It’s brilliant and so easy to use. Use it daily and you will see a big difference in your appearance like me. Love it.”

says Ire

Facial Skin Scrubber
Yet another all-around product that seems almost too good to be true. This device has 4 settings all serving a different function. It can help with removing blackheads, exfoliating the skin and improving skin absorption for creams and serums. When you’re done with your skincare routine you can enjoy the massage feature. Get it now for only £22.09!


“It’s very easy to use this product. It helps me to clean my face very well, without trouble it helps to clear my blackhead and dead skin on the face. After using this blackhead remover, my face feels much cleaner and smoother. When you travel around, it’s easy to carry. And this handy machine has multiple features. I was surprised when I first tried the results of the cleaning mode. I usually use it with my mask for cleaning!”

says Amazona

Essential Oil Diffuser
What would your at-home spa day be without essential oils? They not only smell good but can also have certain health benefits and can help with things such as stress relief, mood boosting, relaxation and even digestion. This cute oil diffuser will fill your room with lovely scents of your choice and you can change the color of it as well as how long it will diffuse your oils. And it’s only £24.99!


“Absolutely fantastic product, very happy. Quick delivery superb quality, looks like real wood. Will definitely recommend. Many thanks”

says Zuzana
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The 7 Things You Need for an At-Home Spa Night

Every now and then we need to treat ourselves to some self-care. For some, that might be going on a walk, doing yoga or meditating. Something I love to do is to have an at-home spa night, either by myself or with some friends. It makes me feel really relaxed, and I also feel good about taking care of my body! That’s why I have compiled the best products to make the most out of your at-home spa.

Face Mask

The first thing you need to create that spa feeling is a great face mask. This mask has been praised by so many people, and for a good reason. It’s not a sheet mask, so you can get many uses out of it, giving you better value for money! This mask will remove dirt and impurities and refresh your skin. (Don’t be scared by the fact that you mix it with apple cider vinegar). Get it now for £15.99.


“One of the best skin care products I have used. I have mixed it with water and also apple cider vinegar and it works amazingly with both. It leaves my skin looking very clear , glowy and even. I would recommend for those with oily/combination skin types!”

says Jaz

Body Scrub

Another thing you need for your at-home spa is a good body scrub. It will leave your skin soft and glowing. When I saw the price and reviews on this honey cinnamon scrub I almost couldn’t believe it! For only £2.99 you get a good body scrub made from organic cinnamon extract, organic honey and sugar that will sooth and nourish you skin.


“Would give more stars if I could. Really ‘scrubby’ and smells gorgeous. Can’t believe the price. I will definitely buy more when I run out. Won’t be going back to my usual expensive scrub any time soon!”

says Amazon Customer

Hair Mask

Your face and body are not the only parts that need attention. Having healthy hair is really important, and can be especially hard to maintain during the summer with the sun and salt water drying it out. Just like the body scrub, this one is available for an incredible price and will leave your hair nourished. This one is also made out of 98% natural origin ingredients and is 100% vegan. Get yours for only £3.50.


“Amazing! My hair is so frizzy and dry I often just tie it up out of the way (still looks a mess) BUT after using this product I am so happy, I still get bad hair days but honestly it’s so much better, hair feels softer and smoother, there is less frizz and the product smells great! I use it on wet hair after a shower, then apply a bit more once dry if needed :)”

says Emily

Eye Mask

These eye masks will surely make you feel like you’re at a luxurious spa rather than at home. They’re made out of 24 karat gold, hyaluronic acid and collagen, and have too many benefits to list them all. Some of them include reducing bags under your eyes, reducing wrinkles and dark circles and hydrating the skin. They’re actually quite affordable too, giving you 25 pairs for £7.85.


“I’m so glad to have found them. My eyes finally look more awake and bright. After using it for only couple of days, I can see that my dark circles are visibly reduced, I wake up with less puffy eyes. This formula is very gentle to the eyes and feels very comfortable when on. I apply them for 30 mins in the evening and the magic starts!”

says xyz

Body Butter

When you’re done showering or taking a bath and have exfoliated your skin, the next thing you need is body butter! Having dry skin is not a nice feeling, and this product will make sure that’s not the case. This cream will make your skin soft and smooth, and it’s especially useful before bed since the lavendar and midnight flower infusion will leave you relaxed. Now available for £10.99.


“Fantastic scent that is relaxing with a tiny hint of musk even though it doesn’t have musk in, the night flower gave a delicate version. Absorbs into the skin really well and the size of the tub means great value for money”

says Michelecantwell

Lip Treatment and Scrub

You can’t forget about your lips, they’re part of your skin too! This lip kit has both a scrub and an overnight lip treatment, so your lips will first become exfoliated and smooth and then moisturized, conditioned and repaired during the night. These are both made from beeswax, oils, and exfoliating honey crystals, so you’re getting 100% natural lip care. Get your kit for £13.33.


“The Burt’s Bees lip scrub is a great product to have. The scent is honey-like and sweet, and the formula is light but smooth. The exfoliating honey crystals don’t feel like they’re tearing or damaging your lips but massaging the skin, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t irritate your lips. I’d buy it again, I just have to remember to use it!

says Anika

Nail and Cuticle Oil

Last but not least, you also need to give your nails some love! This oil can be applied both on your nails and cuticles, and will moisturize them to reduce nail brittleness and breakage as well as keeping your cuticles supple. The Vitamin E will prevent nail problems before they even start. This one is available now for only £5.50.


“This stuff is my saving grace. I apply it every time I remove polish and it completely stops my nail area becoming dry and flaky. It lasts for ages and us the best nail oil I’ve ever used.”

says IspendtoomuchonAmazon
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Let’s Find the Best Toys for Your Puppy

Every puppy likes playing with toys. And even more, they love to bite anything they can find, especially toys. So what toys are the best for your puppy? Of course, they need to be bite-resistant, soft, interesting and practical, but should you choose a tug toy, rope, kong, plush or maybe a squeaky toy? If you want to find out, you have come to the right place. Keep on reading.

Chewing Toys for Puppies


We truly recommend this 10-piece cotton set for only £15,99.

It’s made out of non-toxic 100% natural cotton fiber, so your puppy can chew on it safely. It can also improve your dog’s dental health by cleaning its teeth and massaging its gums, which is very important when replacing teeth.

All rope toys can easily be washed to keep them clean and protect your dog’s oral health.


Absolutely Amazing- honestly when I ordered this I thought it would “just do for now” as I thought £13 it can’t be that good… How wrong was I? I was blown away opening it all and still can’t believe the value for money. You could spend the same amount of money for 1 toy on the high street. Seriously if you have seen this item don’t scroll past just buy it you will be as surprised as me for what you get for your money. My puppy Dahlia loves the carrot. Once again thank you very much

says Adam rice

4-piece Chewing Set

If you’re looking for smaller set, try this 4-piece set for £13.96 with rubber toys that are durable, easy to clean and safe for puppies to chew. 🙂

“My puppy loves these and has played with them since she was 8 weeks old. The chews are great for her teething

says Amazon Customer

Squeaky Plush Toys

We highly recommend this 5-piece squeaky set for only £13,59.

The set includes a giraffe, zebra, and squirrel (unfilled squeak toys), a donut and duck (stuffed squeak toys), and a storage bag. 

It’s made from non-toxic soft plush and cotton, making it friendly to your dogs’ teeth as well as safe and reliable for your pet to chew on and play with.

These toys makes it possible for your dog to jump, run and play with you during its exercise time. Exercise keeps your pet strong and healthy while also giving you a great way to build a relationship with your puppy.

Love the design and durability of the toys my dogs love them

says Simon Williams

6-piece Squeaky Toy Set

If you are looking for something bigger, click HERE and try 6-piece squeaky animals set for £18,99.

Lovely toys, my 2 dogs pulled these toys and they didn’t come apart. Well worth the money

says Sharon

Squeaky Latex Toys

If you’re looking for squeaky toys but you want something cheaper, we’ve got you covered. These two are also bite-resistant and easy to clean!

For example – Large Latex Chicken for only £4,79!

My mini poodle is obsessed with this toy. She crept into “Santa’s Christmas bag” (hidden away–not sure how she found it) a few days before Christmas, pinched the parcel and opened it while I was taking the bins out. Ever since then, it has been true love (not sure why!) Every evening she furiously squeaks it while pushing it around the sitting room with her nose, kind of like a sled. She also enjoys carrying it from room to room. She has lots of toys, but this is “the one”.

says Rascal Fan

Or this sweet Latex Cow for £5,99.

“Our puppy seems to turn his nose up at most toys but this latex cow’s a real winner. Our little monkey loves the squidgy feel of it and it makes a great sound plus it’s proving to be indestructible which is a bonus.

says Nick


If you’ve ever had a puppy, you probably know that KONG is an absolute MUST HAVE. Puppy KONG costs only £8,60 and it really makes life with a puppy easier. 🙂

The Puppy KONG dog toy is designed for a growing puppy’s baby teeth and is made from unique, natural rubber. Designed to meet the needs of a puppy’s 28-baby teeth, it helps teach appropriate chewing behavior. A stuffed Puppy KONG occupies busy little ones for a long time, while giving pet parents some free time.

Perfect for small puppies – I bought these for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They were stuffed with tasty food every time we left the house so that I think she actually looked forward to us going out!

says Jane

KONG Puppy Snacks and Treat Paste

Add to the fun by buying the KONG Puppy Snacks for £8.36 and top with the KONG Puppy Easy Treat for £10.18 that both go with your KONG.

“Bought this for my puppy, it’s a good little thing as it helps with the teething problem by biting on it and then they get the treat from inside when the biscuit breaks up.

I would highly recommend this product.”

says Mrs Queen B

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If You’re Going On a Car Trip With Your Dog, These Are the Things You Need

Summer is starting and the sun is shining, so you’re probably already planning your vacation. Perhaps you’re planning a road trip with your dog! If so, we have a few things for you that you need to travel safely.

Waterproof Seat Cover

If your dog travels in the back seat, this item is for you! Due to its premium heavy-duty materials and ultrasonic heat pressing technology, it’s pin and waterproof resistant. It’s also super easy to fit and clean. Unlike standard car seat covers, this Pecute Pet Cover protects not only the seat, but also car doors. The large size will fit most automobiles, trucks, cars and SUVs.


I spent a good while comparing the vast array of competing products on Amazon and can heartily recommend this cover.

The Pecute is an excellent product, intelligently designed and diligently constructed.

There is a real sense of the care that has gone into creating it, well demonstrated by the provision of a decent zipped fabric case for storage.

The materials are of excellent quality, it fits well and is easy to use. The base is has substantial quilting which promises good durability and will hopefully give protection from the inevitably of a wet, muddy dog.

Needing to gave a friend a lift I was relieved to see that there was a velcroed slot so the seat belt could pass through the base, by unzipping the mesh window the cradle section could be zipped down so the footwell was available to a passenger without affecting the side where the dog was sitting. He loved it too, with the sides zipped up he could curl up in the corners as if in his bed; you can probably tell I liked it!

says Mark Hudson

Seat Belt And Dog Harness

To make your dog’s car travel safe, you also need this harness. We recommend the SlowTon Dog Car Harness Seatbelt Set because it will keep your dog safe and comfortable.

The package includes a chest vest harness strap and an elastic seat belt. The harness strap is designed to be compatible with most standard vehicles and will keep your pet in place for safe travels. What’s more, this multi-functional harness belt also comes with a dog leash!

SlowTon is available in may colors and sizes. Now selling for only £19.99.


“This is the best harness I have bought for my JR – I bought size Small and it fits like a dream (he has 14″ neck and 19″ chest). It’s sturdy yet not heavy and stiff, easy on/easy off, chest/back strap sits well back and doesn’t rub under front legs, no threading of straps through padded parts and no struggling to get dog’s legs through any loops. I’ve only used for walking so far and it aids in pulling too. Best of all he actually likes wearing it so should be comfy in the car. Great purchase.”

says Lizadoodle

Car Dog Crate

If you have a combi or hatchback car your dog can travel in the trunk. If that’s the case, you need this dog crate!

This puppy cage is available in two sizes and is designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. Features include a heavy duty latch on the doorway, a moveable carry handle, a sloped front to fit inside most cars and a steel non-chew removable tray. The cage is quickly and easily assembled without the need for any tools and can also be folded down flat for easy transportation and storage. Get it now for £36.33!


Good value. Easily fits in a Golf. Plenty big enough for a Springer. Good value.

says Steve K

Dog Guard

Another option for both your and your dog’s safety is this dog guard.

The Pet World Universal Dog Guard is a unique design that clamps to the adjustable head rest, creating a barrier that will keep the most enthusiastic dog from climbing over the seats and distracting the driver. This dog guard will also ensure that the driver is complying with highway code for traveling with animals. It’s made of a nice thick 6mm steel mesh.

It’s available in three sizes, so you can be sure that it will fit your car. Now available for £29.90.


Very happy with product. My 5 year old daughter and I fitted it in 20 minutes in our Kia C’eed estate. There were no instructions but the picture on Amazon was all that we needed to get the idea of how it worked. It is solid and you can adjust it so it all lines up. I can still use the backseat seatbelts providing I didn’t go tight up against the side (I have side or ‘wall’ mounted seatbelts). My slithering 6 month old Springer spaniel cannot squeeze past it as it is a nice fit and very solid. Very pleased, would recommend.

says HP

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5 Essentials If You Want to Channel Your Inner Yogi

Whether you have no idea what downward dog is or spend hours each day on the mat perfecting the most difficult poses, some yoga-gear can always be helpful to motivate yourself. I know I find it a lot easier to work out if I have some cute workout clothes and helpful gears. That’s why I have found the 5 items that I think are essential if you want to do yoga at home, regardless of your skill level.

Yoga Mat
A yoga mat is probably the most basic item if you want to do yoga. But there are so many differents brands and styles on the market that it can be hard choose one one. Luckily I have found one that I think many will enjoy. It has a double sided non-slip texture, it’s made from eco friendly material and the thickness is optimal for all kinds of yoga. Get it for £39.99.


“Absolutely thrilled with my Toplus yoga mat! I own 3 mats & this far surpasses the others! It’s very light weight, and completely slip & sweat resistant. I love that it’s eco friendly & a lovely surprise that it came with a free gift- a sweat cloth! This mat is incredibly grippy, perfect for arm balances, deep stretches & inversions. Love the vibrant colours too!”

says JR O’Reilly

Yoga Mat Towel
If you’re not too familiar with yoga, you might not have heard about a yoga mat towel before. If you’re a frequent user of your yoga mat, it can become quite gross from sweat and dirt, and might also become slippery. That’s why a yoga mat towel is helpful. This one absorbs sweat like a sponge while keeping the surface slip-resistant, and can then easily be thrown in the washing machine. Get this cute one for £17.95.


“If you are looking for the absolute best Non Slip Hot Yoga Towel, you’ve literally found it. I bought two of these and I can’t even find the words to describe how good this product is; it sticks to the mat to perfection and it makes hot yoga classes seem like regular ones, and you don’t have to worry about sweating anymore. I’m using it with the marvellous “Manduka PROLite” and it makes the perfect match. Well done Heathyoga!!!”

says Lightman

Yoga Blocks
Yoga blocks are a great compliment to your yoga kit, and are especially great for beginners. They can help you perform routines and get into difficult poses even if your mobility is limited, as well as serving many other functions. These blocks have a non-slip surface and are easy to grip to prevent you from slipping. Plus, they’re made from sustainable cork! They come in two sizes with prices starting at £13.95.


“I used this yesterday for the first time. It feels nice to touch and has good grip when in a yoga pose. I was able to hold poses for the entire duration (power yoga dvd) and managed 40 minutes of yoga. I didn’t get sore hands and ache today meaning I had a good yoga work out. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys yoga but needs a bit of assistance with stretches.”

says Jane

Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner
If you don’t use your yoga mat so much you want to buy a towel (or is one of the fortunate ones who don’t really sweat) it might be sufficient to get a spray cleaner for your mat. This cleaner is antiviral and antibacterial and contains no harmful chemicals. With a fresh smell and the fact that it’s so easy to use, it’s a must have! Get this one for only £9.95.


“Love this product. Cleans my mat nicely after a hot yoga class and lots of sweating. Organic with a nice smell is an additional plus. Lasts quite long and always good to support a small and local business. I have just ordered some more and can highly recommended this product.”

says Sandra M.

Yoga Leggings
Your yoga kit wouldn’t be complete without a nice pair of yoga leggings. Working out is just easier if you’re wearing cute workout clothes. These leggings are non see-through while also being breathable and elastic! They come in many different colors and are also available in a cropped version at 3/4 calf length. Some even have pockets! They’re also affordable with prizes starting at £14.99.


“Finding these was great,I love the material which is nice and soft and not too hot for hot yoga.The fit like a dream and never fall down, even on long runs, or in complicated yoga positions. I will be buying another pair as they are ideal for wearing to work every morning because I also power walk/run home.”

says Vellur
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