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5 Essentials If You Want to Channel Your Inner Yogi

Whether you have no idea what downward dog is or spend hours each day on the mat perfecting the most difficult poses, some yoga-gear can always be helpful to motivate yourself. I know I find it a lot easier to work out if I have some cute workout clothes and helpful gears. That’s why I have found the 5 items that I think are essential if you want to do yoga at home, regardless of your skill level.

Yoga Mat
A yoga mat is probably the most basic item if you want to do yoga. But there are so many differents brands and styles on the market that it can be hard choose one one. Luckily I have found one that I think many will enjoy. It has a double sided non-slip texture, it’s made from eco friendly material and the thickness is optimal for all kinds of yoga. Get it for £39.99.


“Absolutely thrilled with my Toplus yoga mat! I own 3 mats & this far surpasses the others! It’s very light weight, and completely slip & sweat resistant. I love that it’s eco friendly & a lovely surprise that it came with a free gift- a sweat cloth! This mat is incredibly grippy, perfect for arm balances, deep stretches & inversions. Love the vibrant colours too!”

says JR O’Reilly

Yoga Mat Towel
If you’re not too familiar with yoga, you might not have heard about a yoga mat towel before. If you’re a frequent user of your yoga mat, it can become quite gross from sweat and dirt, and might also become slippery. That’s why a yoga mat towel is helpful. This one absorbs sweat like a sponge while keeping the surface slip-resistant, and can then easily be thrown in the washing machine. Get this cute one for £17.95.


“If you are looking for the absolute best Non Slip Hot Yoga Towel, you’ve literally found it. I bought two of these and I can’t even find the words to describe how good this product is; it sticks to the mat to perfection and it makes hot yoga classes seem like regular ones, and you don’t have to worry about sweating anymore. I’m using it with the marvellous “Manduka PROLite” and it makes the perfect match. Well done Heathyoga!!!”

says Lightman

Yoga Blocks
Yoga blocks are a great compliment to your yoga kit, and are especially great for beginners. They can help you perform routines and get into difficult poses even if your mobility is limited, as well as serving many other functions. These blocks have a non-slip surface and are easy to grip to prevent you from slipping. Plus, they’re made from sustainable cork! They come in two sizes with prices starting at £13.95.


“I used this yesterday for the first time. It feels nice to touch and has good grip when in a yoga pose. I was able to hold poses for the entire duration (power yoga dvd) and managed 40 minutes of yoga. I didn’t get sore hands and ache today meaning I had a good yoga work out. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys yoga but needs a bit of assistance with stretches.”

says Jane

Yoga Mat Spray Cleaner
If you don’t use your yoga mat so much you want to buy a towel (or is one of the fortunate ones who don’t really sweat) it might be sufficient to get a spray cleaner for your mat. This cleaner is antiviral and antibacterial and contains no harmful chemicals. With a fresh smell and the fact that it’s so easy to use, it’s a must have! Get this one for only £9.95.


“Love this product. Cleans my mat nicely after a hot yoga class and lots of sweating. Organic with a nice smell is an additional plus. Lasts quite long and always good to support a small and local business. I have just ordered some more and can highly recommended this product.”

says Sandra M.

Yoga Leggings
Your yoga kit wouldn’t be complete without a nice pair of yoga leggings. Working out is just easier if you’re wearing cute workout clothes. These leggings are non see-through while also being breathable and elastic! They come in many different colors and are also available in a cropped version at 3/4 calf length. Some even have pockets! They’re also affordable with prizes starting at £14.99.


“Finding these was great,I love the material which is nice and soft and not too hot for hot yoga.The fit like a dream and never fall down, even on long runs, or in complicated yoga positions. I will be buying another pair as they are ideal for wearing to work every morning because I also power walk/run home.”

says Vellur
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