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The 7 Things You Need for an At-Home Spa Night

Every now and then we need to treat ourselves to some self-care. For some, that might be going on a walk, doing yoga or meditating. Something I love to do is to have an at-home spa night, either by myself or with some friends. It makes me feel really relaxed, and I also feel good about taking care of my body! That’s why I have compiled the best products to make the most out of your at-home spa.

Face Mask

The first thing you need to create that spa feeling is a great face mask. This mask has been praised by so many people, and for a good reason. It’s not a sheet mask, so you can get many uses out of it, giving you better value for money! This mask will remove dirt and impurities and refresh your skin. (Don’t be scared by the fact that you mix it with apple cider vinegar). Get it now for £15.99.


“One of the best skin care products I have used. I have mixed it with water and also apple cider vinegar and it works amazingly with both. It leaves my skin looking very clear , glowy and even. I would recommend for those with oily/combination skin types!”

says Jaz

Body Scrub

Another thing you need for your at-home spa is a good body scrub. It will leave your skin soft and glowing. When I saw the price and reviews on this honey cinnamon scrub I almost couldn’t believe it! For only £2.99 you get a good body scrub made from organic cinnamon extract, organic honey and sugar that will sooth and nourish you skin.


“Would give more stars if I could. Really ‘scrubby’ and smells gorgeous. Can’t believe the price. I will definitely buy more when I run out. Won’t be going back to my usual expensive scrub any time soon!”

says Amazon Customer

Hair Mask

Your face and body are not the only parts that need attention. Having healthy hair is really important, and can be especially hard to maintain during the summer with the sun and salt water drying it out. Just like the body scrub, this one is available for an incredible price and will leave your hair nourished. This one is also made out of 98% natural origin ingredients and is 100% vegan. Get yours for only £3.50.


“Amazing! My hair is so frizzy and dry I often just tie it up out of the way (still looks a mess) BUT after using this product I am so happy, I still get bad hair days but honestly it’s so much better, hair feels softer and smoother, there is less frizz and the product smells great! I use it on wet hair after a shower, then apply a bit more once dry if needed :)”

says Emily

Eye Mask

These eye masks will surely make you feel like you’re at a luxurious spa rather than at home. They’re made out of 24 karat gold, hyaluronic acid and collagen, and have too many benefits to list them all. Some of them include reducing bags under your eyes, reducing wrinkles and dark circles and hydrating the skin. They’re actually quite affordable too, giving you 25 pairs for £7.85.


“I’m so glad to have found them. My eyes finally look more awake and bright. After using it for only couple of days, I can see that my dark circles are visibly reduced, I wake up with less puffy eyes. This formula is very gentle to the eyes and feels very comfortable when on. I apply them for 30 mins in the evening and the magic starts!”

says xyz

Body Butter

When you’re done showering or taking a bath and have exfoliated your skin, the next thing you need is body butter! Having dry skin is not a nice feeling, and this product will make sure that’s not the case. This cream will make your skin soft and smooth, and it’s especially useful before bed since the lavendar and midnight flower infusion will leave you relaxed. Now available for £10.99.


“Fantastic scent that is relaxing with a tiny hint of musk even though it doesn’t have musk in, the night flower gave a delicate version. Absorbs into the skin really well and the size of the tub means great value for money”

says Michelecantwell

Lip Treatment and Scrub

You can’t forget about your lips, they’re part of your skin too! This lip kit has both a scrub and an overnight lip treatment, so your lips will first become exfoliated and smooth and then moisturized, conditioned and repaired during the night. These are both made from beeswax, oils, and exfoliating honey crystals, so you’re getting 100% natural lip care. Get your kit for £13.33.


“The Burt’s Bees lip scrub is a great product to have. The scent is honey-like and sweet, and the formula is light but smooth. The exfoliating honey crystals don’t feel like they’re tearing or damaging your lips but massaging the skin, so it’s easy to use and doesn’t irritate your lips. I’d buy it again, I just have to remember to use it!

says Anika

Nail and Cuticle Oil

Last but not least, you also need to give your nails some love! This oil can be applied both on your nails and cuticles, and will moisturize them to reduce nail brittleness and breakage as well as keeping your cuticles supple. The Vitamin E will prevent nail problems before they even start. This one is available now for only £5.50.


“This stuff is my saving grace. I apply it every time I remove polish and it completely stops my nail area becoming dry and flaky. It lasts for ages and us the best nail oil I’ve ever used.”

says IspendtoomuchonAmazon
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