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9 Fun and Useful Phone Gadgets Below £15 That Will Make Your Day

Get the most out of your smartphone with these original gadgets on the market! Chargers, holders, bands, screen magnifiers and much more. Don’t lose any more time and take a look at this list that we have crafted just for you!

1. Lazy Holder
Are you tired of holding your phone while watching movies? Have you ever dropped your phone right on your face when you’re lying on your bed? Yeah, that’s painful…
How about this functional lazy holder for £13.45? You won’t regret it!


“I use it to mount my phone above my bed, off a tall headboard. For this is it great for watching Youtube and reading books. I use a Bluetooth mouse to flip pages in ebooks and play videos etc, which is perfect for maintaining a relaxed and good posture. The seller recently contacted me and provided me with some 1st class after service. Great product, great customer service!”

says Sean

2. Magnetic Charging Cable
This 3 in 1 charging cable allows you to easily switch the magnetic head to charge a type C, iPhone or Android, without changing the whole cable.
That means 3 chargers at the price of one! Get it for only £6.79!


“I was looking for a magnetic charging cable capable of data sync and 3A fast charging, and this does both well. The magnet is strong, and the connectors are snug in all my devices. It’s also much cheaper than competitors.”

says Wolfwood

3. Phone Jail Cell Lock Up
Tired of telling your children to get off their phones and do their homework? Or do you just have friends addicted to their phones?
In any case, here is a funny gadget that will lock up any phone in a secure prison. And if your phone feels lonely, you can fit up to 5 in the cell. Get it for £6.95!


“Fun product! We use it for ‘no mobile Monday’s’ in our house!”

says Mrs C White

4. Screen Magnifier
Can’t wait to go back to the cinemas? In that case, don’t worry, this screen magnifier is just what you need! This lens is able to amplify your video 2-6 times. Who needs a TV now?
Get it for £14.99!


“The item works well and it does exactly what you expect which is enlarge your screen so you can watch anything on a larger screen, anywhere”

says Albert Einstein (not the actual Einstein though)

5. Selfie Remote Control
Does your large group of friends not fit in a selfie? Or do you prefer a small group of friends but your selfies still end up blurred and shaky?With this control you won’t have to struggle with setting a timer and running back to your friends to find that perfect pose. You will amaze everyone when you need just a click from your control to take as many pictures as you’d like.
Get this little genius for £14.99.


“This little gadget is a selfie lifesaver. My selfies were always blurred, crooked, out of perspective, etc. But now I can take excellent selfies and I am really really pleased. This little gadget is very sturdy and feels quite up to the job, its design helps you hit the ‘take’ button first time, even without looking and it was so easy to set up and worked first time”

says Joe

6. Running Armband
Where do you keep your phone when you go for a run? In your pocket? In your hand? Or just leave it at home? Nah. Keep it at your wrist with this comfortable armband compatible with all phones.
Get this cool gadget for £10.19.


“Struggled in the past at finding a good running armband either the strap was too tight or the plastic screening wasn’t very responsive. But with this I’ve had no issues, very easy to wrap around your arm, phone fits comfortably, and the rotating is great if you need to do something on the phone while running, great armband”

says Cameron

7. Car Phone Holder
Check out this magnetic holder that allows for safe and legal driving while still enabling you to look at your GPS. Great car accessory!
Get it for £12.99.


“This product is so much better than the annoying horrid plastic gadgets that eventually fall off. You get a nicely made, heavy “knob” magnet that you stick to your dashboard with supplied adhesive pads. The holding magnet can be rotated once your phone is attached to wherever suits you best”

says Clare

8. Keyring Charger
This 3 in 1 portable USB cable will surely come in handy many times. Compatible with nearly every existing phone, it comes with a Micro USB, Lightning and Type C charger. Easy to use, light, and short. What else could you need?
Get it for £9.98.


“I bought this to be my travel charger when I’m in school because it’s small and portable and has all the cables I need without taking too much space in my backpack. It has charged my iPhone 7s without problems, as well as my power bank and switch that are both type c and my Bluetooth headphones that is a micro usb.”

says Elizabeth

9. Mini Phone Fan
This fun gadget will help you during those long and scorching summers when the only thing on your mind is to taste a refreshing ice cream on a windy beach. Well, we can’t take you to the beach, but how about this portable 180 degrees rotating fan?
Get it for £6.99.


” I tested it first for myself and It’s really cool and relatively powerful considering it’s so small! You just plug it in where you charge your iPhone and it starts straight away! I really like that you can rotate it 180 degrees so it’s not pointing down and can be used while you hold you phone.”

says Rhian
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