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6 Gadgets Under £10 That Will Make You a Straight-A Student

Summer is great, isn’t it? But how many of you still have a looong session of university exams or high school homework before hitting the beach? Don’t worry, we’re not going to leave you on your own! That’s why we have selected the best gadgets under £10 for making your studying experience as pleasant as possible (if that’s even achievable).

1. Colored Folders

How about some colored folders to sort all your documents? Don’t tell me you’ve never color-coded your notebooks depending on the subject. Check them out, they’re only £6.99!


Review: “Robust and high quality workmanship.
The colors are rich and we like them (not too bright, not too gray).
Environmentally friendly with “Blue Angel” certification.
Rubber bands hold very well

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2. Stapler

A stapler is the perfect tool to pair with your folders. This one comes with 1000 staples, too! Get it for £5.39!


Review: “Excellent stapler, comfortable handle, plastic coating, it has a non-slip base which allows the stapler to remain perfectly adherent to the table. Simple to use, the staples are easy to insert into the housing, it can staple up to 10 sheets.”


3. Paper Clips

Do you also wander around the house looking for some paper clips? Luckily they sell a box full of them here…
Get 200 of them for £4.99!


Review: “Cheap price and lots of them.”


4. Colored Pens

How can you write if you don’t have a pen? And what if you need different colors to highlight different topics? In any case, you should get these 15 pens that all have different colors. Get them now for £6.19!


Review: “Absolutely love these pens! Use them all of the time for school work! My last set has lasted for 2 years now after pretty much daily use!”


5. Highlighter

Now that you have all the pens you could possibly imagine, you certainly need some highlighters! Get 8 of them for £4.99!


Review: “They have a good range of colours, which is great for me as I like to colour code my work and revision notes. They last absolutely ages before running out! Honestly you can’t get a better selection of highlighters than these so don’t bother looking elsewhere!”


6. Sticky Notes

How would you sort different topics without a full pack of colored sticky notes? Don’t bother counting how many that comes in the package, we’ll do it for you. This one 700 sticky notes with 7 different colors for £5.97!


Review: “A great range of colours and sizes of sticky notes.”

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