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The 6 Items You Need for Your Balcony

With summer finally being here, there is nothing more we want than to be outdoors and take advantage of the (usually) nice weather. While going to the beach or a park can be fun, sometimes all we want to do is sit in our own comfortable home while still being outside. For many of us, that place is the balcony. The summer is long, so it’s worth investing in things to make it even more enjoyable. That’s why we have found the best items for your balcony so that you can enjoy the summer from the comfort of your own home.

Sling Chair
A sling chair is the perfect staple for your balcony! It’s comfortable and perfect for when you want to catch the sun. This one can recline in three different positions depending on your preference, and it’s easily folded and put away when you want more space on your balcony. You can find this model in virtually any color or pattern you can imagine. Now selling for $119.20.


Can Cooler
Okay, maybe you could keep your drink in the fridge to cool it down if you’re at home, but this can cooler is irresistible. Not only will it keep your drink cool for hours, but it also looks really cute! Like the sling chair, you can find it an endless number of patterns, so rest assured there’s going to be one that fits your taste. Get it now for $21.60!


Lemon Tree
Have you ever dreamed about having your own garden and growing your own fruits and vegetables? I know I have, but I also know plants can be quite tricky to take care of. However, this lemon tree is cold resistant, and will survive outside as long as it’s above freezing temperatures. Not only is it a cute decoration for your balcony but it will give you edible fruits too! Get one tree for £18.99.


“My little lemon tree is so beautiful. It was very well packaged and arrived on time amd it has 4 lemons on it. It is in really good health and I am going to buy another one on Tuesday. A great grower to buy from.

says Jeanne

String Lights
String lights are perfect for when you want to make your balcony a little bit cozier at night. With these solar powered ones you can enjoy being outside all day and night, getting maximal use out of your balcony. Imagine sitting under these lights on a warm summer night. Life doesn’t get much better than that! These lights come in 8 light modes and now sell for only £14.97.


“These lights are beautiful, they give out a really nice soft light which looks magical in my garden. It comes with everything what is needed for an easy installation and the best thing is that it is solar powered, so there is no need for a socket nearby! It also has different light settings which is really easy to change using remote control.”

says Lena

Outdoor Cushion
Your balcony wouldn’t be complete without some nice cushions to make it comfortable. With this cushion, you don’t have to worry about it being ruined by the rain since it’s waterproof and has anti-fungal coating. If this print isn’t for you, don’t worry! These cushions come in many other prints and sell for £25.99.


“I was very impressed with these! They are beautifully made. Thank you! Will be ordering more very soon!”

says Clare

Table/Outdoor Cooler Box

I know I already recommended a can cooler but I couldn’t resist showing you this one too. This box is multifunctional and can serve as a table, a cooler for your drinks, as an extra seat or can even be used as a plant box! You’re really getting your money’s worth with this one and you won’t have to buy several separate pieces of furniture. All you need is this cool box (pun intended). Get it now for £57.45.


“I purchased this box intending to use as a balcony table. It turned out to be a cool box, a chair and a small table. And it comes with a pack of reusable ice pack. Wow. What a bargain. And my family used to store cold drinks in the garden when friends come. The design and quality are really good. Recommended”

says J Y
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